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Staying on top of today’s complex and ever changing healthcare environment is challenging enough without a constant concern of keeping your systems up and running smoothly. Philips shares a dedication to solve issues before they start, and the drive to keep going day and night until the job is done. With Philips taking care of your systems you can focus on what really matters – delivering better care, to more people, at lower cost. Together, we can create a healthier future.

Proven expertise

Proven expertise – knowledge base driven by years of experience

When you need support for a clinical procedure or fast resolution of a service issue, you want access to experts with broad technical knowledge and deep experience. Nobody knows more about your imaging systems than our clinical applications specialists, remote technicians, and field service engineers. Our clinical and technical experts have decades of experience remotely diagnosing, troubleshooting, and resolving issues on connected systems. They work side-by-side to quickly solve problems from a distance. And if an on-site visit is required, field service engineers receive real-time diagnostic support for fast fix and resolution.
Peak performance || Safeguard peak operating perfo

Peak performance with secure connectivity

Our advanced virtual private network allows for remote proactive support* and helps us sustain your sytems from a distance, without interrupting your daily routine. It establishes a proactive process for issue resolution with efficiencies you can measure. Instead of being surprised by a system issue, Remote Proactive Support (for select systems) continuously monitors key system parameters and notifies a remote service engineer of any anomalies before they impact equipment performance. Rely on proactive monitoring, remote diagnoses, and fast repair to increase workflow efficiencies and operational usage time.
Strong protection

Strong protection to manage costs and enhance operations

Our highly secure broadband connection links your imaging system directly to Philips. Over an advanced virtual private network (VPN) we help maintain your systems without interrupting your daily routine. Services that formerly required on-site visits are now available by connecting to our Customer Care Solutions Center. From a distance we can identify system errors, diagnose, and troubleshoot. We can also perform immediate remote repairs. Working closely with your department and IT staff, Philips specialists will help design and implement a remote services solution specifically configured for your environment (both Philips and non-Philips systems*).
Enhanced system uptime and clinical p... || Safeguard peak operating perfo

Enhanced system uptime and clinical performance through robust tools

We are continuously improving remote services support to help you succeed. Many services that formerly required on-site visits are now available by connecting quickly to our remote experts. This helps support you in enhancing care and reducing costs. Our Remote Desktop handles service issues via an on-screen visit rather than an on-site visit. A remote expert can perform Remote Diagnostics to identify a system error, view system images and log files, and with your permission, remotely operate your system.If an on-site visit is needed, the remote expert can provide a technical diagnosis and identify defective parts in advance to speed repair and resolution.
MRI systems feature proactive remote ... || Safeguard peak operating perfo

MRI systems feature proactive remote service tool

Philips e-Alert is an intelligent hardware- or software-based tool that keeps a close virtual eye on your MRI system performance. Using powerful sensor technology, it continuously monitors key parameters of your MRI systems – and issues an automatic alert if something is amiss¹.
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* May not apply to all systems