Utilization Services Service lifecycle

Utilization Services

Service lifecycle

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Philips Utilization Services will provide detailed insight into system efficiency, identify idle capacity, and offer actionable direction for continuous improvement. To help you improve workflow and advance the quality of your care.

Valuable information || The business advantage

Valuable information to improve operations

In an increasingly demanding and competitive healthcare environment, Philips Utilization Services help you pinpoint and decrease inefficient system time. This allows you to enhance day-to-day scanner utility.
Automatic reporting || Simple process

Automatic reporting to help you get more out of your systems

By acquiring objective data about your scanner performance via Philips Remote Services, we can provide you with a comprehensive overview of how your system is used. All of this is done automatically. The utilization tool isolates and presents factors that are limiting scanner utilization and delivers the data in a suite of easy-to-interpret reports called Philips Utilization Essentials. These reports can help you get the most out of your day-to-day operations with a noticeable impact on your daily clinical workflow and patient experience.
Choice of services || Sized for you

Choice of services to fit your needs

Philips Utilization Services offer three program levels: Utilization Essentials, Utilization Advantage, and Utilization Consulting. Each successive level provides your department with system performance information and resource tools to effectively use this data, enabling you to implement and sustain system utilization improvements.
Objective data || The business advantage

Objective data helps you identify gaps and opportunities

Our Utilization Services can assist you in reducing your average exam time, as well as decreasing the length of each scan by helping to refine clinical procedures and enahnce your patient throughput. You can measure and benchmark actual scanner performance, identifying improvement opportunities that can be used to set direction for department operation. This can range from expanding workflow, increasing patient throughput, reducing waiting lists, and realizing your return on investment.
Continual monitoring || The business advantage

Continual monitoring for maximum efficiency

Continual monitoring of your system for maximum operational efficiency is another example of best-in-class customer service, designed for your success.