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For Ultrasound Machines

Service Agreements

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RightFit Service Agreements are designed to help you meet your ultrasound machine service challenges and address your business priorities. You’ll find solutions designed around the needs of your facility, with the right balance of relationship, value, and flexibility.

RightFit Protection || RightFit Protection

RightFit Protection for equipment security

Experience robust equipment security with RightFit Service Agreement Protection for Ultrasound. Maintain operational integrity with a 98% uptime guarantee, bi-annual planned maintenance, and Remote Services. You receive generous upgrade and education discounts, continuing education credits, OEM replacement parts, and technical and clinical applications support.
RightFit Value || RightFit Primary

RightFit Value for remarkable investment returns

Stretch your budget for an excellent return on investment with RightFit Service Agreement Value for Ultrasound. Achieve the clinical results you need with peak equipment performance support, next day on-site service, and OEM parts delivery. Planned maintenance is included as are Remote Services, system enhancement, and upgrade discounts.
RightFit TEE Primary || RightFit Value

RightFit TEE Primary for comprehensive transducer protection

Receive comprehensive protection for normal transducer wear with RightFit Service Agreement TEE Primary for Ultrasound. Enjoy the assurance of improved TEE transducer performance and expert service at lower costs. Planned maintenance and telephone support are included along with a 100% reimbursement exchange for normal, non-accidental failure.
RightFit Planned Maintenance || RightFit Support

RightFit Planned Maintenance for continued operational efficiency

Keep your equipment operating efficiently with RightFit Planned Maintenance for Ultrasound. One planned maintenance visit is included along with technical and clinical support to help sustain your high imaging standards.
RightFit Primary || RightFit Protection

RightFit Primary for an array of added value

Choose from a broad array of value-added features for operational peace of mind with RightFit Service Agreement Primary for Ultrasound. Maintain peak equipment performance and receive priority-level service delivery and response.
RightFit Support || RightFit Primary

RightFit Support for an empowered in-house team

Empower your in-house engineers with RightFit Service Agreement Support for Ultrasound. Augment the skillset of your biomedical staff with priority-level service delivery and response, and genuine Philips replacement parts. You also get planned maintenance, technical and clinical applications support, as well as system upgrade and education discounts.
RightFit TEE Assist || RightFit Value

RightFit TEE Assist for transducer replacement savings

Cover 50% of the cost you incur when replacing transducers due to normal wear with RightFit Service Agreement TEE Assist for Ultrasound. Enjoy the assurance of improved TEE transducer performance and expert service at lower costs. You receive planned maintenance and telephone support in an agreement that helps assure there is no compromise in patient care.
RightFit Exchange || RightFit Support

RightFit Exchange for affordable coverage on VISIQ

Focus on your VISIQ system coverage needs while remaining within your budget with RightFit Service Agreement Exchange for Ultrasound. The agreement covers the first transducer replacement, tablet and cart coverage. Enjoy clinical and technical telephone support, 24/7 remote monitoring, and diagnostic services from our Customer Care Solutions Center.
RightFit Assist || RightFit Primary

RightFit Assist for vast a la carte services

Select service coverage a la carte to align with the needs of your engineering team using RightFit Service Agreement Assist for Ultrasound. Start with the basics that include diagnostic software license and technical support, and choose from options that include labor, next day parts delivery, planned maintenance, bio-med training, and more.

2016 IMV ServiceTrak reports Philips Ultrasound as #1 in Overall Service Performance – that makes 24 consecutive years!

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  Enhancement through training


Clinical education and hands-on training is available in a variety of settings to help you get the most from your ultrasound machine.

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At Philips, we don’t think should have to compromise. We’ll build a service solution that’s just right for you.
customer care solution center

Our Customer Care Solutions Center provides quick issue resolution through collaboration between remote engineers and technical experts.
cost coverage expertise


When selecting a medical imaging equipment service solution agreement you must consider the cost, coverage, expertise, response time, and people with whom you’ll work. With Philips you get the perfect balance.

Built to suit your needs


RightFit Service Agreements are designed around you, with a dynamic service portfolio based upon relationship, value, and flexibility. Relationship that gives you access to clinical and technical expertise. Value to select coverage for strategic services to fit your budget. And flexibility to adapt your ultrasound machine service agreement when your needs change.

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Expert support


All RightFit Service Agreements for your Ultrasound machine include 24/7 access to the USA-based Customer Care Solutions Center. You’ll receive prompt service from technical and clinical experts, remote delivery of support and informatics via state-of-the-art technology systems, and fast technical diagnosis and resolution.

Clinical training programs


It is vital your staff is knowledgeable about the latest procedures and technologies. Choose from a comprehensive list of clinical education programs designed to support clinical excellence, increase use of advanced ultrasound machine features, instill physician confidence, enhance workflow and productivity, and foster professional growth and teamwork. Take courses from virtually anywhere - online, on-site, symposiums, or at our training centers.

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