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IntelliSpace Portal 7.0

Integrated advanced analysis, one solution

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The IntelliSpace Portal 7.0 combines, high quality images, advanced analysis, and workflow efficiency tools into a single advanced analysis solution. Get a unified view of your patient’s condition all on one screen to answer questions fast.

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Dr. Stephen Raskin, M. D., explains how the Multi Modality Tumor Tracking application allows him to quickly and efficiently obtain accurate tumor measurements – and communicate them to referring clinicians just as quickly and efficiently.

Dr. Raskin is an oncologic CT and PET radiologist at Sheba Medical Center’s Department of Imaging in Israel.

Dr. Janusz Kikut, M.D. and Heidi Streeter discuss how the IntelliSpace Portal streamlines workflows throughout their entire radiology department and integrates with their PACs and remote devices.


Dr. Janusz Kikut, M.D. is a radiologist and nuclear medicine specialist and Heidi Streeter is a CT and 3D imaging technologist Fletcher Allen Health Center in Burlington, USA.

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HL7 compatibility
Patient demographic updates from RIS/EMR; rich patient context information from RIS/EMR; pre-fetching of images based on scheduled orders; export of clinical findings report to third-party systems
DICOM compatibility
Automatic pre-fetching (DICOM query) from PACS/VNA systems based on scheduled studies; fast transfer via WADO-RS
Multi-vendor support
Support for modalities from multiple vendors as well as integrations with multiple IT vendors
DICOM-based integration with PACS and VNA for pre-fetching of images; launching of the IntelliSpace Portal from EMR/PACS/VNA portal
Support for server-side and client-side virtualization allows for customers to run the IntelliSpace Portal within their own IT infrastructure (no need for additional hardware)
Enterprise options
Scalability (multi-user)
Solution can scale up to a very large number of users to meet the demands of IDNs and enterprise-wide implementations
Scalability (multi-site)
Solution designed to support centralized, distributed, and hybrid models based on network bandwidth across sites with a shared licensing model and global worklist access throughout the enterprise
Reliability and uptime
System architecture design to support high availability with automatic failover between servers offering high uptime throughout the enterprise

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