IntelliSpace Radiology Analytics Turning complex data into clear decisions

IntelliSpace Radiology Analytics

Turning complex data into clear decisions

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Philips IntelliSpace Radiology Analytics simplifies data analysis so you can see the clear path to improved performance. User-friendly, predefined reports in IntelliSpace Radiology Analytics help you uncover deeper details about your operations with less effort.

Understand patterns with Referral Pat... || Radiology Analytics

Understand patterns with Referral Patterns Analytics

Users can drill down into referral patterns and gain insight into what types of studies are being referred to your department and by whom, as well as how referral patterns have changed over time.
Customized scorecards || Comprehensive data sharing

Customized scorecards

Customize your own scorecard and quickly generate a personalized view to monitor referral patterns, resource utilization, and radiologist efficiency.
Analyze resources with Resource Utili... || Radiology Analytics

Analyze resources with Resource Utilization Analytics

Examine how your department resources are being used with the Resource Utilization Analytics tool. Uncover areas of downtime, identify which modalities are being over- or under-used, and make informed decisions about changes to improve use of department resources.
Keep tabs on radiologist performance || Radiology Analytics

Keep tabs on radiologist performance

The Radiologist Efficiency Analytics tool allows you to monitor data around how work is moving through your radiology department. Answer questions such as: “Which radiologists are overburdened?” “Who has extra bandwidth?” “How can I better assign work based on current reading levels”? and “What is the turnaround time per radiologist?”
Assimilates data for a comprehensive ... || Radiology Analytics

Assimilates data for a comprehensive picture

Radiology Analytics offers easy access to standard reports and charts, leveraging multiple data sources throughout the department. Filter by modality, facility location, ordering location, resource ID, CPT codes and a number of other data points for a comprehensive look at the operation of your radiology department.
Built for big data || Radiology Analytics

Built for big data

The underlying architecture supporting the IntelliSpace PACS Radiology Analytics solution was designed to use leading technologies that allow for a fast and scalable foundation to accessing large, unstructured datasets from many sources to deliver deeper insights as patient data expands across the healthcare enterprise.