Actiwatch Spectrum PRO Get the Actiwatch advantage

Actiwatch Spectrum PRO

Get the Actiwatch advantage

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The Actiwatch family of devices is designed to help you better understand a subject’s daily activity and sleep/wake patterns in response to drug or behavioral therapies.  Each device is built to be rugged, comfortable, and waterproof.

Real-time subjective scoring

Real-time subjective scoring

Provides subjective scoring capabilities and audible and vibrational alarms.The alarms remind subjects to enter subjective scores on a pre-programmed schedule or on a manual basis.This adds another dimension to data collection when studying parameters such as pain and fatigue
Variety of applications

Valuable endpoints for a variety of applications

The Actiwatch Spectrum PRO also allows recording of two subjective endpoints on a numerical scale.
Data Collection

Data Collection

Actiwatch Spectrum PRO can collect subjective numerical rating scale responses (e.g., pain4,5,6,7, fatigue8,9, depression10) in real time from your subjects.These scores can be used in association with, or independently from, other questionnaires.

Scientifically-valid technology from a leader in sleep

Validated against PSG gold standard for sleep measures1,2, 3 . Used in hundreds of studies in a variety of environments . Used on infants through the elderly.

Sleep/wake history reliably tracks sleep

Compact, reliable devices that are easy to implement.. Small size, comfortable, and waterproof . Data is recorded 24/7 to help you obtain real-world insights into subjects’ sleep/wake patterns.