Premium Bottle Warmer

Warms gently and evenly to preserve nutrients and vitamins

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This premium bottle warmer circulates breast milk as it heats, warming the milk gently and evenly, and avoiding hot spots. Auto temperature controls indicate progress and shut unit off to prevent overheating.

Gentle, even warming
Gentle, even warming

Gentle, even warming

Parents must warm breast milk in a safe and controlled way to preserve nutrients and vitamins in breast milk. The Philips Avent premium bottle warmer uses a water bath technology, rather than steam, to warm breast milk gently and evenly. The milk circulates as it heats, preventing hot spots from occurring.
Auto controls for safe temperature || Bottlefeeding

Auto controls for safe temperature

An integrated sensor constantly tracks and controls the milk temperature to avoid overheating, so it reaches and stays at the perfect end temperature for the baby to drink. The automatic ‘keep warm’ setting keeps milk warm for 20 minutes before shutting off.
Easy to use || Bottlefeeding

Easy to use

Parents will place the bottle in the warmer – then fill it with the same amount of water as milk. They’ll choose a setting and switch the warmer on. When the indicator lights up continuously, the milk will have reached the proper temperature. There is also a convenient defrost setting to defrost frozen breast milk.
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