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John Rendon  
Philips IT-therapeutic care field service engineer, sushi devotee, family man

John Rendon

Regional area: San Marcos, TX

Works on a team with 5 other therapeutic care specialists

By the numbers

19+ years at Philips


years at Philips

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years in healthcare

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time fixes are my goal

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First introduced to technology
“I loved fixing things and buying electronic projects to put together. I knew engineering was my calling.”
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Earned Associate's Degree in Biomedical Equipment Technology


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In-house biomedical technician for a hospital
“It was great being in a hospital environment – it helped me build knowledge by working with the different equipment.”
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Contractor for Philips Medical installing patient monitoring equipment
“I loved traveling to different areas and talking with customers not only about their broken equipment, but about what’s going on in their lives.”

 '90s - present

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Philips IT-therapeutic care field service engineer
“The day I got the opportunity to become an official employee was the best day ever. It proved all my hard work as a contractor was noticed.”


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Earned CompTIA Network+ certification
“This was incredibly meaningful to me because it represented long nights and several months of studying, not to mention a week-long boot camp that went from sun up to past sun down."

“I like helping people and I’m devoted to caring for the people in my life. It’s what I like about my job. I can care for my coworkers out in the field and for my customers at hospitals.”


—John Rendon


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“I study the case before I go to a site to prepare, so I can diagnose and fix the problem that trip.”
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People skills

“Customers are under a lot of stress because they need to get patients taken care of. You have to show that you understand their problem and be compassionate.”

Words that describe me best

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What inspires me


I like to learn what’s coming and think of how it can be applied to our equipment. Change drives me – I get excited to learn new technologies and see how we can use them in the field. 

Proudest personal moment

Secrets of my success

"Philips has great products, parts and support to help get our job done correctly, which makes fixing our products a whole lot easier."
Proudest professional moment

Proudest professional moment

"When a hospital in Houston lost all their telemetry, it was late in the day and no patients could be monitored. My co-worker did not hesitate to help me, knowing the critical nature of such a call. I am proud that I work with people who have my back in emergencies."
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Industry insight

With systems becoming more and more complex with IT-integration, hospitals are looking to work more with Philips for complicated repairs.

Customer connection 


“We’re in the business of manufacturing equipment, and it’s exciting to be able to get it into service. The joy in this work is being able to make something work again, and to see how people to use it to help their patients. You can see smiles on users  faces. I get a lot of energy from that.”

— John Rendon

“It’s easy lose sight of the end result of what we do in Service but John expresses it well: Our products and service make a difference in people’s lives. Seeing that result with patients, their families and caregivers is really rewarding."

— Steve Nutt
Regional Service Manager, Mid-South, Patient Care & Monitoring Solutions, Philips Customer Services

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