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Matt Stirrup
Field service engineer, coin collector, Air Force veteran

Matt Stirrup

Regional area: Missouri, Illinois


Years with Philips: 17+ years



On one of his first training missions as a young technician in the Air Force, Matt Stirrup discovered an issue with his B-52 during the preflight check. Delaying the launch was not an option, but Matt kept his cool. With only 10 minutes to fix the problem — tuning out the roar of eight engines firing up — he reached for the manual and started troubleshooting.

Matt made the repair with minutes to spare, ensuring a successful mission and a near-perfect score for the team. Does Matt have nerves of steel? Ice water in his veins? “I knew the answers were right in front of me,” he says. “That’s something I tell my team today: Don’t be afraid to use the manual.”


A born problem solver, Matt says his favorite part of his job with Philips is troubleshooting. He takes particular pride in working with the VA, supporting the team that provides medical care for veterans.

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