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Terry Fonner
Senior clinical education manager, motorcyclist, equestrian

Terry Fonner

Regional area: Fort Wayne, Indiana

Manages a team of 16 clinical education specialists and project managers in the Midwest.

By the numbers

19+ years at Philips

years with Philips

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years as a manager

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time winner Philips Pinnacle Award



Cardiac and interventional technologist icon
Cardiac and interventional technologist
“While I loved patient care, I really enjoyed learning about new equipment and passing that knowledge along.”


Discovered I was a technical geek

“I bought a new toy that changed my life: I paid more than $3,000 for a computer. I learned I have a passion for computers and technology.”

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Joined Philips as a clinical education specialist

“I was able to take my experience in the clinical setting and bring it to the corporate world.”


First motorcycle trip

“If I need to come up with new ideas for work, I take a ride and it relaxes my mind.”

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Won a Philips Pinnacle award

Earned MBA in Management and Human Resources

“Continuing education is very important to me as a lifelong learner.”

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 '00s - present

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Senior clinical education manager

“My focus is on helping our customers with their education needs, including on-site facility training.”

“Having a clinical background, I have seen Philips products in action. I have also seen our products used to help diagnose family members’ various diseases.”

—Terry Fonner


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Active learner

Philips is constantly developing new products, so it’s important to have the drive to understand new technology. And I ‘need’ to have the latest technology!
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I am obsessed with giving great customer service. I talk to my team about what that means a lot and they really relate to it.

Words that describe me best

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What inspires me


“It is very rewarding watching our customers blossom into capable and competent users of our equipment.”

Proudest personal moment

Secret to my success

I ask my team to deliver world-class service to our customers. Their mission is to find out the customer’s goals and deliver expertise around those.
Proudest professional moment

Proudest professional moment

Having a team that is so good that it has allowed me to win six Philips Pinnacle awards – the highest award for employees.
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Industry insight

Our customers need to drive throughput and our equipment is getting more complex. So we are seeing more remote training requests for things like remote/on-demand training.

Customer connection 


“I value our customers’ dedication to do what is right for their patients. This includes being the best physician or technologist they can be when operating our equipment. To do that, they need world-class education.”

— Terry Fonner

“Clinical Education at Philips has been great to work with! They are always flexible with the delivery and timing of their training. Trainers are knowledgeable and are able to adapt to any situation that arises.”
— Director at a major Midwest children’s hospital

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