Remote enablement


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Remote enablement helps you address healthcare challenges today and tomorrow. By providing data-centric insights into your device landscape and networks, it supports potential improvements in asset availablity, security and performance.

What is Early Warning Scoring?


Early warning scoring (EWS) is a physiologic scoring system for bedside patient assessment. Early detection of changes in a patient’s vital signs can lead to a life-saving difference. Rapid response teams can be quickly notified of clinical instability. This leads to early intervention, thereby helping to prevent critical events before they happen.


When EWS is automated, hospital staff can benefit from smoother workflow, streamlined communications and a reduction in human error.

Alarm management


Visual and audible alarms in critical care environments can be a contributor to medical errors, and can cause unnecessary stress and burden on caregivers and patients.

Robust, continuous patient data. All in one place.


Now you can get even more visibility into your patient’s condition – across care settings. Philips monitors with Masimo rainbow SET™ technology provide continuous, noninvasive hemoglobin measurements. This gives you greater insight into patient conditions without adding additional equipment.

*Philips with Masimo rainbow SET measurement technology is not intended to replace traditional lab blood measurement.

Enterprise Monitoring as a Service (EMaaS)


Standardized patient monitoring with management and performance improvement services via per-patient fee model.