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With the ever-present quest for more imaging data, it’s only logical that clinicians want it during procedures as well. And they can have it. Ultrasound provides real-time views without accessing large equipment or subjecting patients to additional radiation exposure.


The CX50 system’s exceptional image quality coupled with transducers designed specifically for use during abdominal and vascular procedures provides additional data in the OR, increasing confidence in procedures. The system’s compact size, effortless maneuverability, and extra long transducer cables, make the CX50 an ideal solution for the close environment of the surgical suite.




Abdominal procedures


The C9-3io and L10-4lap intraoperative transducers were designed with extensive input from clinicians. Being able to image within incisions during surgery provides additional clinical data for surgical management.


  • The C9-3io curved array transducer is shaped to fit the clinician’s hand for imaging exploration during deep abdominal surgery. The small transducer is held in a flat position between two fingers and becomes part of the surgeon’s hand, allowing easy insertion into the incision for superficial assessment of abdominal organs and structures. Confidently localize pathology, assess resections, and evaluate before finalizing procedures.
  • The L10-4lap transducer provides exceptional imaging during abdominal laparoscopic surgeries. Views obtained with the L10-4lap provide helpful data during renal and hepatic surgeries as well as other abdominal explorations, such as examining the biliary tract, staging pancreatic neoplasms, and evaluating pelvic lymph nodes.

pushing system

Vascular surgery


The L15-7io compact linear array transducer has a small footprint and a slim grip. It provides easy access during vascular surgery and can be placed directly on vessels at the incision site. The system’s excellent image quality allows surgeons to assess vessels, graft patency, and blood flow at the incision site. Confidently assess repairs before closing. The L15-7io is an excellent evaluation tool for vessel damage at wound sites as well.

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