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HeartStart FR3 defibrillator primary battery

HeartStart AED Long-life Battery

HeartStart OnSite, Home and FRx AEDs use a disposable, lithium manganese dioxide, long-life battery with a five-year shelf life plus a (typical) four-year installed life.

HeartStart AED long-life battery

HeartStart FR3 Defibrillator Primary Battery

HeartStart FR3 primary battery is a lithium manganese dioxide disposable battery with a five-year shelf-life, typically 300 shocks, or up to 12 hours of monitoring time.

Adult SMART pads

Adult SMART Pads Cartridge

For use with HeartStart OnSite and HeartStart Home AEDs. HeartStart Adult SMART Pads are appropriate for cardiac arrest victims weighing 55 pounds (25 kg) or more.

SMART pads ii


For use with HeartStart FRx AED. Save valuable time in an emergency with pads that can be used on adults, children and infants. SMART Pads II eliminate the expense of having to purchase different pads sets for different patient types.

SMART pads iii

For use with the HeartStart FR3 AED

SMART Pads III have been streamlined for fast deployment and can be used on both adults and children. Offset tabs enable a peel-and-place workflow that is easier and faster to use.

Changing your battery is easy, too.


Watch this video to learn how. We’re happy to help if you have questions. Call 800-263-3342

Maintaining the HeartStart HS1/OnSite/Home Pads and Battery video
Maintaining the HeartStart HS1/OnSite/Home Pads and Battery
Maintaining FRX video
Maintaining the HeartStart FRx Pads and Battery

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