Back to school

Managing a child’s asthma


Because asthma goes back to school too.

Back to school children and asthma

Children and asthma


Kids with asthma need more than books and a backpack going back to school–they need a plan.


An asthma diagnosis can be unnerving but, if it’s well-managed, a child can do all the things they love to do.

Did you know...?


If your patient thinks their asthma is in control, they’re in good company. Most people living with asthma believe they have their asthma under control, but studies have found that fewer than half of them actually do1.


Read more on effective asthma management and the tools you can use to improve the quality of life for your patients or your child.

1 in 11 pictograph
1 in 11 children are currently receiving treatment for asthma2
1 in 2 children pictograph
In the US, nearly 1 in 2 children miss at least 1 day of school each year because of their asthma3
Uncontrolled asthma pictograph
67% of uncontrolled asthma patients in the US mistakenly believe their asthma is “under control”4
90 percent pictograph
90% of patients have incorrect MDI technique5
Get more tips on how to manage your patient’s asthma at home and school below.

Managing asthma in children

OptiChamber Diamond valved holding chamber

Managing asthma in children OCD

Designed for effective medication delivery


#1 Pharmacy preferred brand of spacer among retail pharmacies6


Philips’ OptiChamber Diamond valved holding chamber is discreet, portable and small enough to be carried in a child’s school bag. It is designed to improve aerosol delivery to the lungs where it can be most effective7.

Willis the Whale and Sami the Seal nebulizer

Managing asthma in children nebulizers

Treatment specifically designed for kids


The compressor comes with our highly efficient SideStream nebulizer and Tucker the Turtle character facemask to provide a fast treatment, in as little as 6 minutes8.

PersonalBest peak flow meter

Managing asthma in children peak flow meter

May be used to track a child’s airflow


Asthma management zone system


The color-coded indicators define three zones which make it simple for the user to know what percentage of their peak flow they are achieving.


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