Experience Philips Lumify: the first BYOD ultrasound system

Imagine a point-of-care ultrasound system  completely contained  within a transducer,

then imagine that transducer can connect to your Android device* with a standard USB cable, making the device you hold in your hand a highly capable and scalable ultrasound system. Meet Philips Lumify.

Find out how combining the benefits of Philips ultrasound with the world’s most connected devices creates an ultrasound solution unlike anything you’ve seen.


Ultimate Flexibility

  • Choose your own screen size: Available on 12 android devices and counting, screen sizes ranging from 5.5in to 18.4in
  • Choose the pricing that works for you: Available for $199/mo. Yearly and biennial subscriptions also available
  • Try it for free: 30-day money back guarantee (for new customers only)
Taking advantage of the features on your Android
  • Use your devices camera with the built-in barcode reader to capture patient data quickly
  • Compatible with the latest encryption and data security systems: Lumify lets you safely keep a record of patient studies for review and provides HIPPA compliant options for sharing those studies over the air from your portable ultrasound device.

Built from the ground-up for point-of-care users

  • We’ve painstakingly optimized the image for each exam type so you don’t have to, giving you all the advantages and flexibility of having ultrasound on your compatible Android mobile device without forcing you to compromise on image quality.
  • Durable: drop tested up to 48 inches
  • Swappable transducer cable: eliminate down time when your transducer cable gets damaged. Just disconnect the old one from your transducer and put on a spare cable**.
  • App based scalability: because Lumify is app based, you get all the new features we build into the app for free with each new release.

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*Available on 12 Android devices and counting
**Spare cables can be purchased separately