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Capsule’s vendor-neutral medical device integration, streaming data and contextual insights expand and enhance Philips patient care management capabilities.

Philips acquired Capsule, a leading provider of medical device integration and data technologies for hospitals and healthcare organizations, in early 2021. The newly named Philips Capsule Medical Device Information Platform (MDIP) - comprised of device integration, vital signs monitoring and clinical surveillance services - connects almost all existing medical devices and EMRs in hospitals through a vendor-neutral system. Read the full press release
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Get that data glow

Contextual data streaming freely across care settings and applications is a beautiful thing. It may even seem to glow.


Illuminate a new path to clinical and operational excellence with data that transforms and enlightens.

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Already a Philips Capsule customer? 

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Capabilities that can move care and workflow forward

Philips Capsule can capture streaming clinical data from nearly any patient device, contextualize it and share it to all points of care.*
A platform that can live-stream information to your systems* and clinical applications.
Continuous, vendor-neutral data capture from virtually every patient device.*
Insightful decision support and clinical analytics.
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With Philips Capsule, data can flow freely. Contextual awareness is embedded. Insights are crisp and timely.


  • Liberate your device data and expand its use
  • Distribute timely, contextual insights to caregivers
  • Rapidly add different types of medical devices
  • Power EMR tools and clinical applications
  • Fuel clinical research and streamline clinical workflows
  • Detect emergent high-risk events earlier
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Liberate your data. Stream contextual insights. And, get that data glow.

Are you ready for
deeper insights from
your clinical data?

Learn how we can help you transform

the way you use healthcare information.

Frequently asked questions
I’m a Philips Capsule customer, how do I access my account info?
The user portal has not been impacted by the acquisition. Therefore, you can login and access your account information from the Customer User Area as you did before the acquisition. If there are changes in the future, we’ll be sure to notify you in advance and provide any necessary training or support to help ensure a smooth transition.
Who do I contact if I have a problem or concern?
For any question at any time, you can contact your Philips Capsule representative, fill out this form or email or call us using the local information below.
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Global Headquarters

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Support for Bernoulli Products

+1 800-811-5587


International Headquarters

+33 1 84 17 13 90


CapsuleTech, Asia Pacific PTE, LTD

+33 1 84 17 13 90

CapsuleTech Australia PTY LTD

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Capsule Dubai Branch

+33 1 84 17 13 90

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*Device must be capable of data output and system must be able to receive HL7.

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