Healthcare Informatics

HIT Refresh 2018

Thriving in constant disruption:

the art and science of HIT


Our industry can be both challenging and invigorating, fascinating and frenetic.  For Healthcare IT leaders, thriving in this constant state of disruption is both an art and science, calling for creativity and finesse amidst the data and deployments.


If you’ve been invited to this event, you can expect an opportunity to step away from the daily grind, connect with other leaders, reflect and return renewed.  We hope you can join us:


October 24th, 2018 12:00 - 7:00pm

Registration opens at 11:30am

George Washington University

Milken Institute of Public Health

Executive Case Rm, 7th floor

Washington, DC

In partnership with:
health informatics
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Making IT possible, together

Making IT possible, together


We see the often unseen ways you’re making IT–information technology and much more–possible for your healthcare enterprise every day.


That’s why we created this resource--to showcase IT leader success stories, provide helpful insights, and share emerging trends. Together we can push the boundaries of what’s possible in health care.


There's always a way to make life better.

A day designed to be different.


An event that is dynamic not didactic, and participatory not passive. Grounded in relevant industry topics and trends, this event is created with the needs of busy IT leaders in mind.

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An agenda designed for thriving in HIT

In small groups and larger panel discussions, we’ll explore how you, your teams, and your organizations can truly thrive, finding the balance you need between maintenance and innovation, openness and security, collaboration and competition, and more.
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In our industry, competing priorities and trade-off are the

name of the game.  We’ll explore how you make decisions that matter:


  • When you’re bogged down in the daily grind of maintaining, how do you find time to innovate?


  • How do you and your teams keep up with the ever-evolving need to learn new skills?


  • How do you attract and keep top IT talent when so much is expected of them and other opportunities are boundless?
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Our host and event facilitator


HIT Refresh facilitators certainly bring industry expertise to the room.  The day is richer, though, for the insights that come from the room – from you and your IT leader peers. Watch this space for evolving discussions inspired by the insights you share.


Sam Hanna, Program Director, Healthcare Informatics Masters Program,

George Washington University

Philips Healthcare Informatics.

Serving as a strategic partner to IT leaders like you.

It is our pleasure to provide forums for talented leaders to come together to shape our industry for the better.  Our role is simply this: to listen and learn from you so we can be better, too.

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