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Hear clinicians’ stories about Amara View and DreamWear



The features sleep apnea patients love

“One of the patient’s main concerns is comfort. And these two masks have it.” Toby M., clinician


Clinicians share their thoughts about these masks’ innovative features. Like DreamWear’s ingenious in-frame airflow that lets patients sleep in whatever position they desire. And Amara View’s unique design that has no contact with the bridge of the nose, helping to prevent red marks.

Efficiencies For Clinicians

Creating efficiency for clinicians.  

“I don’t have to do as many refits because there’s success right off the bat.” Nick M., clinician


Through our patient-driven design process, we’ve created two masks that fit a majority of patients, and help to create efficiencies for clinicians. Patients have told us Amara View and DreamWear are easy to put on and easy to use. That can leave more time for you to help patients acclimate to therapy.

Making Clinicians Feel

Making a difference in patients’ lives

“It’s even more rewarding when you open Encore and see they’re really using the equipment that you’ve delivered.” Lorie S., clinician


We listened to patients, and with these two exceptionally designed masks, we addressed their most common challenges. With Amara View and DreamWear, we’re helping clinicians improve their patients’ therapy experiences and health outcomes.

Helping you help patients


Amara View

Try them on to believe  

Discover the comfort and ease of Amara View and DreamWear for yourself. Sign up today for a demonstration, and our representative will be in touch soon to get started.

You don’t just treat OSA. You treat people. That’s why the success of your patients is at the heart of everything you do.


Like you, we listen to patients and hear the most common mask challenges facing them. Through our patient-driven design process, we have created innovative masks for patients while helping create efficiencies for you too. Patients have told us Amara View and DreamWear are easy to put on and use, which can help reduce the time necessary for you to educate them. This can leave you more time to provide encouragement and guidance, helping them acclimate to therapy. And with just two masks, you can fit a majority of your patients, and they’re intuitive to fit and adjust which can simplify set-up, allowing you to focus on what is really important – your patients.



Under the nose nasal mask

  • Tubing attachment located at the top of the head to allow patients to sleep   how they want
  • Patients rated more stable than their prescribed mask, and comes closest to making them feel like they don’t have anything on their face during therapy.1  

Amara View

Minimal contact full face mask

  • The smallest and lightest choice 2, 3 with the widest field of vision of all leading full face masks2
  • Covers less of a patient’s face than all leading full face masks1
  • Enables wearing glasses, reading, and watching TV


1. 2015 Philips User Preference Questionnaire; data on file.

2. 2014 Internal testing; data on file

3. Without quick release tube