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Continuous innovation and enhancing patient care

    Shared commitment to meaningful innovation

    Philips welcomes colleagues, customers and partners of Carestream Healthcare Information Solutions. This acquisition reinforces Philips’ commitment to deliver industry-leading medical imaging and healthcare IT solutions to enhance patient care and provider productivity, as well as our ability to provide flexible solutions to hospitals and health systems and provide a solid foundation to deliver on the promise of precision diagnosis.


    Philips Healthcare Information Solutions, formerly a Carestream Health business will continue to be led by Ludovic d'Apréa and will join the Philips Enterprise Diagnostic Informatics business within the Precision Diagnosis organization. Both share a commitment to meaningful innovation, which is deeply embedded in each company’s culture.

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    Unifying imaging service lines

    An Imaging Health Record offering diagnosticians across service lines with all the tools that help to work more effectively, improving imaging workflow and enhancing collaboration with referrers and patients.
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    Combines deep clinical expertise with technological innovation

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    Acquisition Portal

    Capture images from multiple departments, using mobile devices, tablets or desktops, in DICOM or native formats (JPG, MOV, MP4, PDF, CCD or ECG). Acquisition Portal uses secure zero-footprint technology.

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    Patient Portal

    Patient Portal provides a great alternative to printing film, and burning CDs or DVDs, while engaging patients and empowering them to share their clinical data with other care providers.

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    Image Exchange

    Standards-based health information exchange (HIE) providing seamless transfer of information across different facilities and disparate IT systems using the XDS profile.

    Solution spotlight

    Enterprise imaging repository

    Centralize your enterprise imaging repository to consolidate archives, lower costs and give providers unified access to the images and data they need to deliver better care. It's a single source of imaging information to support more effective decision making.

    Enable healthcare professionals to build the Imaging Health Record with medical photos, videos and emergency images captured using any web-enabled device (including smartphone and tablet) and directly connect that data to a patient’s Electronic Health Record. An easy automated work­flow will support clinicians to manage encounter based data and integrate images and videos with patient records. Captured imaging data will be stored directly to the archive and linked to the Electronic Health Record for immediate reference.

    Enterprise viewer

    A zero-footprint enterprise viewer module which minimizes training and provides user satisfaction with a single, browser-based viewer for any type of image. Adhering to privacy standards, it provides authorized users access to the images and reports needed, using two-factor authentication.
    Embedded within your EMR, the enterprise viewer connects with existing patient records to provide seamless storage, accessibility and sharing of clinical data and may even be used to share images across HIE or regional networks.

    Interactive multi-media reporting

    The interactive multi-media reporting module offers voice recognition, RIS and PACS integration. Using single sign-on authentication, it allows users to create structured as well as user-defined reports. Patient information is embedded within the report automatically, where measurements and key images may be inserted with a single click or voice command, thus taking tedious manual data entry out of diagnostic reporting.
    Complemented by the Radiology reading module, it offers a single workspace with key images presented alongside patient details and analytical information. Reduce complexity and allowing to reach better outcomes with a system that’s easy to deploy and train across the enterprise.

    Workflow orchestrator

    The workflow orchestrator automatically delivers the most urgent studies to the most qualified radiologists to expedite reading and reporting. Users can read studies based on subspecialty and organize a peer review process to elevate the quality of diagnosis.
    Workflow orchestrator allows users to access reports and follow-up by the ordering physician, use screen sharing, and chat and link invitations to simplify and improve collaborative relationships. Using real-time analytics, performance may be analyzed to identify actionable insights, which helps prioritize critical exams as quickly as possible.
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    Cloud services to manage your data

    Clinicians and referring physicians need the freedom to access patient data quickly and efficiently. Our cloud services technology will help manage the data and let you effortlessly access the workflows, images and reports you need — anytime, anywhere. You are able to easily store and manage medical images on the cloud and access them from desk top, smartphone or tablet via the internet from anywhere and anytime. Cloud is a liberating force in medical-imaging IT.

    More in health informatics

    intellispace portal 11 thumbnail image

    IntelliSpace Portal

    Philips IntelliSpace Portal is an advanced visualization and analysis solution, designed to help physicians to diagnose, follow-up, and communicate, across clinical domains and modalities, with one seamless  connected workflow.
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    Philips PerformanceBridge empowers hospitals to find and maximize opportunities with a flexible suite of services to support continuous improvement, providing a path to do more with less while maintaining a focus on patient care.
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    Digital pathology

    Digitizing your workflow enables pathologists to collaborate anywhere, with a streamlined flow of diagnostic information, supporting faster diagnosis with increased confidence.

    Jointly addressing shared challenges

    How Philips Healthcare Information Solutions’ strengths line up with your objectives

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    Philips’ extended offering gives our customers access to a broader portfolio of healthcare IT solutions that simplify medical image management, enable effective collaboration and enhance patient care. As a consequence, Philips is even better positioned to help you meet your objectives by delivering flexible solutions that deliver on the ‘quadruple aim’; enhancing the patient experience, improving health outcomes, lowering the cost of care, and improving the work life of care providers.

    Learn more about our strategic focus.
    Innovation mindset
    With Philips’ deep clinical expertise and former Carestream Healthcare Informatics’ understanding in clinical images and workflow, we will be able to help you by providing innovative solutions that simply improve productivity and serve unmet needs. Our combined smart and innovative portfolio includes EMR, Imaging Management, Radiology RIS & PACS, HIE networks, Advanced Visualization and Image Analytics solutions, as well as solutions that help improve your organizations operational efficiency.

    Proven track record

    Around the globe, Philips and former Carestream combined have successfully implemented well over 5000 imaging projects with a track record in regional and country-wide implementations. We have been able to do so thanks to our knowledgeable implementation and support staff, that ensure that implementations are a success, and by timely and proactively providing the support you need to safeguard that Philips IT solutions are secure, reliable and available.

    Consultative approach
    At Philips, we believe that the job is not done until the benefits of solutions materialize in your daily operations. Philips is your partner in finding the right approach to achieving your objectives, whether that approach is in the process, people, skills or IT. Running a successful clinical operation starts with the right partner.

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