IntelliSpace AI Workflow Suite

Artificial intelligence capabilities for your radiology department

IntelliSpace AI Workflow Suite

Artificial intelligence capabilities for your radiology department

Award winning clinical AI solution

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Philips IntelliSpace AI Workflow Suite

Category winner

“Best New Radiology Software”

AuntMinnie Europe, 2020

AI in healthcare represents the next great frontier. Philips AI-enabled solutions, such as the award-winning Philips IntelliSpace AI Workflow Suite, will help drive exponential improvement gains in hospital operations and across a range of clinical specialties.”

- Michael Perkuhn

MD, MSc, General Manager IntelliSpace Discovery and AI

Power your hospital and radiology department with AI

AI across the radiology end-to-end workflow

end-to-end patient workflow

Philips IntelliSpace AI Workflow Suite1 is the award-winning – Best New Radiology Software 2020 – end-to-end solution that realizes the workflow optimization capabilities of AI.


Developed as part of the IntelliSpace end-to-end ecosystem of best-in-class AI applications, the IntelliSpace AI Workflow Suite platform is a dedicated application for AI-enabled workflow optimization, orchestrating and transferring data between devices and AI applications.2


IntelliSpace AI Workflow Suite hosts and enables deployment of multiple AI applications on a single platform in the clinical health care facility environment so that imaging, clinical and administrative data from the clinical environment hospital health systems (such as PACS, HIS, RIS, modalities or other devices/sources), can be made available for AI applications.


Results and outputs of the AI applications can be reviewed and routed to pre-defined devices.

Practical end-to-end AI solution

From clinical research to clinical routine

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Philips IntelliSpace Discovery

IntelliSpace Discovery is a platform for AI research and development. It facilitates collaboration between scientists, clinical researchers and data scientists and empowers you with the entire process of generating your own AI applications.

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Philips Clinical and Operational Consulting Services

Clinical and Operational Consulting Services support you to deploy, operate and advice on your individual implementation requirements or customisation needs.

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IntelliSpace AI Workflow Suite

The award-winning platform that seamlessly introduces AI models and tools for clinical use.1 The fully automatic execution is accomplished by the workflow engine, which acts as an orchestrator routing the data to the correct AI models and analysis results to the right user.

The low-hanging fruits of AI in healthcare will come with image recognition, triage and helping people with chronic diseases to manage independently and live well.”3

- Stefan Vlachos, MSc, MBA

Head of the Center for Innovation, Karolinska University Hospital

What is the most important application of AI for healthcare professionals?3

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(Imaging, Pathology, Sequencing)

21 percent radial icon

Clinical decision making

11 percent radial icon

Data management

8 percent radial icon

Operational management

Spearhead the change – How to integrate and benefit from clinical AI applications while retaining clinician control

Podcast #98

"How AI can bring productivity to medical imaging?"
An interview with Philips executive, Homer Pien

Homerr Pien podcast

Our dream, your reality

How would you feel if

1 in 6

previously missed lung nodules could be

detected effortlessly?4

Would it help if you could read CT scan images



Would you want to



of previously missed modules?5

Features and benefits

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Easy to use

AI benefits under single platform to existing clinical workflow environment.

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Optimal protocols

Best practice protocols for different clinical indications which helps to eliminate patient recalls.

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Assisted detection

Detection and identification for faster diagnostic reading of medical images.

precise diagnosis icon

Support diagnosis

Assist with first-time-right diagnosis of radiology images and quantification of findings for reporting.

early detection icon

Early detection

Early warning and intelligent alerts of abnormalities in challenging radiology images.

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Multiple modalities

One scalable and future proof platform that grows and evolves with your specific needs.

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Contact our solution expert for the full list of product features and discover how IntelliSpace AI Workflow Suite can integrate within your radiology department.

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Your questions, answered

Events and resources

Philips Live! forum

Explore the latest innovations and insights in radiology through an amazing program of webinars, symposia and keynote presentations, brought directly to you.

Using AI to meet operational and clinical goals

For healthcare IT leaders there is an opportunity to use AI to address operational efficiencies and support clinical decision making.


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1IntelliSpace AI Workflow Suite is not intended for diagnosis or treatment selection.

2Results/outputs of the AI applications can be reviewed and routed to pre-defined devices. IntelliSpace AI Workflow Suite can provide administrative support for the health care facility. IntelliSpace AI Workflow Suite does not alter AI applications or devices, medical device output data or the medical device algorithms. IntelliSpace AI Workflow Suite is not intended for diagnosis or treatment selection.

3[EIT Health and McKinsey – Transforming Healthcare with AI]

4[Freedman M, Lo B, Seibel J, and Bromley E. Improved detection of lung nodules with novel software that suppresses the rib and clavicle shadows on chest radiographs. Radiology. July 2011. 260, 265-273]

5[ClearRead CT Pivotal Study Published March, 2018 in AJR]

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