IntelliSpace Enterprise Edition

Confidently scale your clinical enterprise with a trusted healthcare informatics partner

Helping you manage the expanse and expense of your healthcare informatics

Think about what more you could do with less distraction—and a whole lot less of the daily grind.

With Philips IntelliSpace Enterprise Edition and Philips as your healthcare informatics partner, you can confidently scale your clinical enterprise because Philips is doing more for you.


With the pace of change you are encountering, managing your complex enterprise will require more ingenuity than ever. To grow confidently, you will need more than just a variety of detached vendors. You will need a true partner – one who collaborates with you, carries more of the burden, and shares in the risks.

This partnership will allow you to focus on what matters, to form the strategies that will help your enterprise’s finances, operating model, and clinical processes thrive. To meet the needs of these demanding times, Philips has expanded IntelliSpace Enterprise Edition to include PerformanceBridge.

This total solution provides:

  • Seamless interoperability: integrated solutions for a single patient view
  • Robust security: ensure data integrity, confidentiality, and availability
  • A proactive partnership: optimized solutions to meet your needs with uptime guarantees
  • Enterprise scalability: grow confidently with the support of a full managed service

Build the success you envision for your enterprise with Philips making IT possible every critical step along the way.

With IntelliSpace Enterprise Edition, a low up-front investment provides:

  • A future-proof solution and a transparent total cost of ownership, enabling you to allocate resources where needed
  • A single contract and service-oriented payment model to ease the hassle of managing multiple vendors
  • Professional consulting services that work with you every step of the way in order to ensure success
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Uptime Guarantees

  • 99.99%* system uptime 
  • Data accessibility anytime, virtually anywhere


*For critical systems.

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Risk Sharing and System Reliability

  • Risk sharing
  • Reliability and disaster recovery

Professional Consulting Services

  • Clinical and IT program management
  • Change management
  • Customer Success management
Provide your clinicians the latest innovations intuitively integrated into a highly performant, secure, and scalable enterprise solution – while giving your IT team the peace of mind they surely need.
Learn how we’re making IT possible, together.
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