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Best-in-class interventional tools built for today’s lab, ready for tomorrow’s innovations.

Introducing the all-new Philips IntraSight interventional applications platform where imaging, physiology, co-registration* and software come together to facilitate optimal patient care. IntraSight offers a comprehensive suite of clinically proven modalities, such as, iFR/FFR, IVUS and co-registration* to simplify complex interventions, speed routine procedures and provide improved patient care.

As the number of cardiovascular and vascular patients grows, so does the need to work smarter and faster. Philips IntraSight offers you these best-in-class interventional tools allowing you to see clearly so you can make fast, informed clinical decisions that may lead to optimal treatment plans. Integrating the most advanced physiology and imaging platform into your workflow should be smart, simple and seamless.

IntraSight is the only interventional platform that:

  • Includes iFR physiology – the gold standard among resting indices, which is included in both the AUC (ACC Appropriate Use Criteria) and NCDR (National Cardiovascular Data Registry)1,2,3,4,5 and received a Class IA ESC (European Society of Cardiology) guideline6
  • Combines iFR and IVUS data with the angiogram using iFR Co-registration, IVUS Co-registration and Tri-registration features*
  • Enables an entire case to be run tableside without breaking scrub with the touch screen module


For customers with non-Philips interventional suites, IntraSight 7 offers seamless integration and full use of our interventional applications. IntraSight 7 promotes enhanced workflow management with the tableside touch screen module allowing for ease of use and access to best in class interventional tools such as iFR/FFR, IVUS and co-registration. Additionally, IntraSight 7 integration with non-Philips interventional suites allows customers to benefit from intuitive solutions such as, vessel enhancement and device detection, ultimately allowing all customers to benefit from IntraSight 7’s comprehensive offering of smart solutions without compromise.

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With the most robust cybersecurity, which runs on Microsoft Windows 10, providing you with the latest data encryption and protection against cybersecurity threats.

See what makes IntraSight smart, simple and seamless

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IntraSight is smart

Built on a smart, applications-based platform that can scale to meet the evolving needs of your lab when new applications or modalities become available, without the need to purchase new hardware. Only Philips IntraSight offers best-in-class imaging and physiology tools with iFR, iFR Co-registration*, FFR, IVUS, IVUS Co-registration*, and Angio+*. With its modular architecture, IntraSight stays on top of latest advances and important security updates.

iFR pullback

iFR Co-registration*

Digital IVUS


Rotational IVUS



Only iFR

has clinically validated patient outcome data in the largest physiology studies ever conducted. No other resting index has patient outcome data to support it’s use.

IVUS guidance

is "definitely beneficial" for patients, and resulted in a change of treatment plans 74% of the time1,6,7

Secure and safe

First interventional platform to run on Microsoft Windows 10, providing the latest data encryption and advanced protection against cybersecurity threats. Usernames/passwords controlled by administrator and system auto logouts after timeout.

IntraSight is simple

Delivering an outstanding user experience with a modern,

intuitive interface that minimizes learning curves and

increases workflow confidence.

Easy-to-use because you can:

  • Navigate and measure faster with an intuitive user interface and enhanced measurement tools (Figure 1)
  • Facilitate faster training without using a catheter or wire in the all new demonstration mode
  • Save time and reduce frustration with faster workflows and faster transitions between iFR, IVUS and co-registration* (Figure 2)
  • Utilize new snapshot and reporting features

IntraSight IVUS case menu still video

Figure 1

IntraSight Tri-regestration video

Figure 2

IntraSight is seamless


Optimizing lab performance with tableside touchscreen control, systems integration, data management and remote service diagnostics

Increase case efficiency, save time and reduce errors with seamless data

  • Run an entire case tableside with a new touch screen module (Figure 3)
  • Enter patient information once with a single case menu that is shared between iFR/FFR and IVUS modalities (Figure 4)
  • Seamless integration of patient information with Philips’ Allura and Azurion iXR systems
  • Integrate iFR or IVUS modalities with the angiogram using iFR Co-registration and IVUS Co-registration*
  • Import patient info from Philips Azurion or Allura coronary suites with a touch of a button and non-Philips cath labs with DICOM worklists
  • Philips remote services (PRS) keep systems running smoothly with remote diagnosing, corrective action planning and improved uptime

IntraSight IGT Azurion

Figure 3

IntraSight Single Case Menu

Figure 4

IntraSight and Azurion

See how IntraSight and Azurion set the new standard


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* Co-registration tools available within IntraSight 7 configuration via SyncVision.


1. Davies JE, et al., Use of the Instantaneous Wave-free Ratio or Fractional Flow Reserve in PCI. N Engl J Med. 2017 May 11;376(19):1824-1834.

2. Gotberg M, et al., iFR-SWEDEHEART Investigators.. Instantaneous Wave-free Ratio versus Fractional Flow Reserve to Guide PCI. N Engl J Med. 2017 May 11; 376(19):1813-18233.

3. Bhatt D, Assessment of Stable Coronary Lesions. N Engl J Med. 2017 May 11;376(19):1879-1881.

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6. 2018 ESC/EACTS Guidelines on myocardial revascularization: The task force on myocardial revascularization of the European society of cardiology (ESC) and European association for cardio-thoracic surgery (EACTS). Eur Heart J. 2018;00:1-96.

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