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Dana-Farber Evidence-based pathways

Treating cancer is increasingly difficult as new data sources have provided a set of ever more complex treatment options from new drugs to genomic data.  Clinical decision support within Oncology from Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, in Boston, powers complex cancer care, by enabling more personalized care plans for patients, while taking into account the various treatment options available.  Dana-Farber is sharing its clinical decision support logic with Philips to bring enhanced cancer care to the oncology community.
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Philips and Dana-Farber operationalize and scale Clinical Pathways at ASCO 2018

Effective care collaboration

Collects and consolidates actionable patient information consistently, comprehensively and intuitively. A dynamic timeline helps clinicians navigate through their patient’s history and future journey.
Effective Care

Support precision medicine programs

There are many challenges to setting up a precision medicine program. Whether it’s the time and resources to evaluate instruments, assays and software, the continuously evolving test offerings, or the inability to collaborate across departments (i.e communicating with ordering oncologists), we help to remove obstacles that are preventing forward-thinking healthcare organizations from starting and scaling precision medicine programs.

Powered by Philips Healthsuite

Philips HealthSuite is an open platform of services, capabilities and tools designed to inspire and enable the development of next generation connected health and wellness innovations. HealthSuite is purpose-built for healthcare. The health-optimized infrastructure allows for seamless integration with existing health enterprise ecosystems.
Multi-layer security protects sensitive health data and safeguards patient data privacy. Clinical decision algorithms and predictive analytics can leverage different health propositions and help make sense of data while optimizing care delivery. Collaboration tools facilitate better coordination among healthcare consumers and their caregivers, patients and their care teams as well as entire health populations.

Partnering with pathologists for better patient care

Philips IntelliSpace Genomics is an automated end-to-end platform that brings genomic data alongside disease histology and patient phenotype for a complete biomarker-informed diagnostic and therapeutic picture.

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Clinical Decision Support from Dana-Farber Powers Cancer Care

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute is sharing its clinical decision support logic with Royal Philips to bring enhanced cancer care to the oncology community.