Dynamic UNIQUE real-time imaging processing

High-quality representation of diagnostic details in low-dose fluoroscopy

Low-dose settings are common in fluoroscopic exams. This leads to images with high quantum noise, adversely impacting your ability to reach a confident diagnosis. Dynamic UNIQUE’s image processing delivers superb detail visibility with real-time de-noising. Diagnostic information for each frame is displayed with great clarity, at the correct brightness and with very low latency. Image representation is consistent and stable, even when the image content varies rapidly. Dynamic UNIQUE supports fast and safe low-dose exams by providing clarity of detail to improve diagnostic confidence.


Temporal and spatial noise suppression

Temporal and spatial noise suppression

Dynamic UNIQUE’s inter-frame (temporal) noise suppression uses temporal averaging, which accumulates the dose of successive frames, to reduce noise in static anatomical structures. When movement is detected, temporal averaging is restrained and spatial noise suppression steps in. 

In moving regions, Dynamic UNIQUE applies intra-frame (spatial) noise suppression. The strength of spatial noise suppression is adapted to the strength of temporal noise reduction. As a result, image noise level is kept consistently low over the entire image. There is no lag effect. There are no shadows and no artifacts of moving structures.

Brightness stabilization

Dynamic UNIQUE automatically determines the signal level in the anatomical region and maps it to an appropriate brightness level so you’ll experience comfortable live viewing with immediate brightness stabilization – from the first frame forward. This is less tiring to your eyes, as less time is needed to adapt to the luminosity.

Brightness stabilization

Multi-scale image enhancement

Dynamic UNIQUE delivers excellent detail with overall contrast harmonization – even in challenging viewing conditions. Each and every frame is fully processed in real-time and optimally enhanced. There are no enhancement artifacts. There is no image clipping. So you are less likely to miss important details[1].

Multi scale image enhancement
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confidence with Dynamic UNIQUE

More clarity and confidence with Dynamic UNIQUE

Compare side-by-side with conventional image processing and see the benefits for yourself.

Dynamic UNIQUE real-time imaging processing technology is available on


    CombiDiagnost R90  

    This remote controlled fluoroscopy system in combination with high-end digital radiography is designed for consistent, superb image quality and high room utilization, in a cost effective manner.

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[1]On routine clinical image data with standard image processing settings

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