Quality Oxygen

Quality oxygen products with reliability you expect

Your business relies on quality equipment like portable and stationary oxygen concentrators because that’s what your oxygen patients with COPD and other chronic conditions expect from you. 


Delivering high quality solutions for portable and continuous oxygen can make a difference for you by:

• Reducing the costs associated with equipment repairs and returns

• Maintaining customer loyalty and satisfaction 

• Decreasing inventory because of fewer swap-outs

• Potentially increasing clinician confidence and referral volume

Five reasons quality oxygen matters

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Our commitment to quality

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With One COPD and RightFit portfolio of oxygen products, Philips Respironics is dedicated to the success of you and your patients. See how our quality oxygen products and solutions can improve your patient and your business.

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An integrated care model that puts the COPD patient first with end-to-end solutions for COPD disease state management connecting the hospital to the home.


• Treating the COPD patient with advanced technology

• Empowering COPD patients with education

• Monitoring COPD patients with connected solutions


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Right Fit Portfolio


A complete portfolio of oxygen products and programs inspired by patients and built for business.

SimplyGo Mini portable oxygen concentrator

SimplyGo portable oxygen concentrator

EverFlo home oxygen system