1. A better way to do business

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Quality oxygen products like SimplyGo Mini from Philips could lower your total cost of ownership for oxygen therapy, because they’re durable enough to stand up to the demands of even your most active patients.

SimplyGo Mini was built to be tough. It’s been rigorously tested in real world environments including impacts, vibrations, and temperatures to deliver reliable performance day in and day out.

With Phillips you can afford to offer a complete portfolio of quality oxygen products, for every patient need.
At Philips we understand that quality is essential and quality is necessary for you to be successful. You have to have products you can count on. As business  leaders ourselves we know it’s essential to have quality equipment to help run your business. We can relate. We understand your challenges.”

- Frank Lazzaro

Director, Product Management, Respiratory Care; Philips Respironics

2. Designed with your bottom line in mind

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Fewer exchanges and repairs means you’ll need less inventory. 


Our EverFlo product, for example, is the most widely dispensed 5L oxygen concentrator brand.¹ With over 2.5 million² units sold worldwide, our commitment to quality is understood. 


It’s more than a quality product, it’s a smart choice you can trust for your business.


1 Philips sponsored market survey study of the brands of Stationary Oxygen concentrators by US DME’s they set up for patients in October 2016. Analysis includes responses from 120 providers who dispense two or more brands of stationary concentrators.

2 Sales data on ­ le. Units sold through 2016.


Quality is vital in everything we do, from our suppliers through design, manufacturing to sales and service. We know that a quality product for you translates into better patient care. When you have a product you can count on, you can focus on what matters most.”

- Dave Butler

Operations Leader, Philips Respironics

3. Free up employees’ time to better help your patients

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When you rely on quality products, there are less repairs and returns for your employees to address. And with less disruption to worry about, you can devote more of your time to providing better patient care and expanding your business. 


With Philips, your employees can focus on what really matters.

Our DME customers are committed to providing quality patient care. They love the reliability of Philips oxygen products as it allows their employees to focus on what is most important: improving the lives of the patents.”

- Mark A. Capra

VP of Sleep and Respiratory Care Sales, North America, Philips

4. A quality and lightweight oxygen product pleases both clinicians and patients

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Clinicians just want to keep their patients happy and out of the hospital. The key is to help patients to stay active and compliant with their oxygen therapy. Lightweight portable oxygen concentrators from Philips are designed to offer COPD patients the opportunity to keep up their active lifestyle, which can help reduce exacerbations.


Technology should be designed with the patient’s needs in mind. Solutions for COPD, including portable oxygen delivery systems, should be as accommodating as possible, and help the user feel less like a sick patient treating a disabling condition, and more like a person who is finally getting back to living his best life.”

- Dr. T. Lee-Chiong

Professor of Medicine at National Jewish Health, Professor of Medicine at University of Colorado Chief Medical Liaison at Philips Respironics

5. Happy Patients

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When you’re able to keep your patients happy, they’re more likely to tell their case managers and their doctors. Which can translate into more referrals. Lots of them. 


See how Philips products can help you make a difference in your patients’ lives, much like they did for Grandpa Jim.

I want to thank you, and anyone else at Philips Respironics for helping me get the much wanted and needed portable oxygen that allows me to go outside of my home without having a tank so large, and on wheels, that if it had a motor, I could ride it to and from the store!”

- Grandpa Jim