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Aerosol science laboratory services

Comprehensive lab testing and regulatory submission services from proven device specialists

A centre of excellence in aerosol science

When you partner with Philips, you get access to our dedicated team of scientists with in-depth experience and expertise. Working at our state-of-the-art facilities, we test for clinical performance and drug delivery integrity, and generate data for clinical trials and submissions.

We work with you and your drug to determine which device works best, and what data is needed to bring your product from trial to submission, through to market. As device specialists, we never compete with your drug development, so you can be sure our device selection process is based solely on what’s right for your needs.

Our lab services combine the facilities, methods and equipment you can count on to deliver scientifically validated data, with our staff’s deep knowledge of the regulatory process. So you can be sure your drug is optimally performing, and your submission plan is expertly designed.

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See how we support pharmaceutical partners in bringing aerosol drugs to market with life-changing devices that were designed to lessen the overall treatment burden for patients.

Testing and support in liquid aerosol delivery  


In our state-of-the-art aerosol science laboratory, our scientists provide guidance for the ideal testing needed for clinical trials, regulatory submissions and approvals. Our laboratory capabilities include:

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Expert, experienced staff  

Our staff of 10 scientists brings an average of 12 years experience in inhalation science, including aerosol testing, analytical, microbiology and regulatory requirements for device and drug submissions.

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Cutting-edge facilities  

Our facilities are designed for testing, analytics and microbiology, and precisely controlled for temperature and humidity. We offer a comprehensive range of testing equipment, methods and measurements.

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Full standards compliance  

We operate in full compliance to cGLP standards, offering aerosol testing performed to specific device or pharmaceutical regulations, and against validated SOPs/Methods.

A proven process  

Our feasibility testing process includes key steps to validate your drug and prepare it for regulatory submission. Our Material Transfer Agreements include strict controls to ensure your compound is handled with confidentiality, protecting your IP while in our control.

Stage 1  

Matching device and drug
We explore and test the suitability of our devices to your drug, to determine which is the appropriate device to meet critical clinical parameters, including particle size, delivery time, dose and drug residual.

Stage 2  

Assessing performance
We assess the performance of the device in simulated breathing conditions to determine the effectiveness of the device in delivering your drug to a patient, including integrity after delivery, particle size, delivered dose and delivery time.

Stage 3  

Preparing for submission
We generate the necessary data required for submission, by conducting quality assurance testing on the device, your drug and our drug delivery test results in stages 1 and 2.

Setting you up for success

Our aerosol testing laboratory capabilities can benefit your drug product by:


  • Helping you to find the right device for your drug to maximize efficacy and speed to market
  • Pre-testing your new chemical entities before launching costly clinical trials
  • Identifying the ideal approach for both testing and data capture for successful regulatory submission
  • Delivering trial results that are precise and reproducible
  • Delivering data at GLP standards, with analytical and technical documentation that support for regulatory submissions

Clinically proven from hospital to home  

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Our advanced aerosol delivery products are the only home-use devices featuring Aerogen Vibronic® meshes*, the same unique palladium vibrating mesh technology used in hospital ventilators worldwide to deliver aerosolized medications. The central aperture plate is just 5mm in diameter and is perforated with 1000 precision formed holes, that vibrate at 128,000 times per second, to produce the optimum particle size for deep lung penetration.

*excluding I-neb

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InnoSpire Go  


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  • Built-in rechargeable battery



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  • Adaptive Aerosol Delivery system optimizes drug delivery
  • Specific metering chambers for dosage control
  • AAD algorithm for adaptive treatment
SideStram Plus product image

SideStream Plus  


  • Breath-enhanced, active venturi nebulizer
  • Inspiratory valve boosts drug delivery and reduces waste.
  • Fast treatment times in five minutes or less, tested with salbutamol, budesonide and ipratropium bromide
  • Works with all InnoSpire range of home compressors