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We know these are challenging times to operate your business. DMEs who rely on in-person services must pivot operations to include home delivery, remote setup and virtual support of patients. 

Philips Respironics wants to help. We’re making it easy for DMEs to quickly and efficiently develop their own home delivery, remote setup and virtual support programs. We’ve created useful resources and packaged them in a downloadable toolkit so your business can take advantage of Philips Respironics proven suite of services that can help your business adapt to the future of patient care.

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Advantages of starting your own Home Delivery and Remote Setup and PAMS programs with Philips Respironics

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Customizable service options to fit your specific business needs 
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Our programs allow you to add patients without adding new employee expenses 
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Our dedicated team of sleep coaches and RTs are available to manage clinical escalations, so your staff can focus on more strategic matters
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Adherence rates

Early and consistent outreach can get patients on therapy sooner, which can lead to higher reimbursements for long-term patients
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No-touch times

Reduce the need for unnecessary patient contact
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Philips Home Delivery and Remote Setup

Home Delivery and Remote Setup provides patients with a complete sleep apnea setup kit at their doorstep. Consumer-friendly packaging and detailed instructions make it easy for you to get patients up and running on therapy. The Remote Setup service also provides patients with step-by-step instructions over the phone or online with a licensed respiratory therapist.
Support mask setups

Support mask setups

Philips Respironics provides unique mask-fitting options for your patients in one mask shipment. Mask fit-packs contain everything you need to fit patients. Included in your patient’s mask fit-pack configuration: the mask, headgear, frame and multiple-sized cushions, depending on the mask type.
The right fit

The right fit, the first time1

Mask Selector 2D makes it easy to provide a personalized fit remotely by leveraging technology that patients likely already have – cell phone, tablet or computer. Our proprietary Parametric Model extracts the 46,200 most critical points needed to build the patient’s individual Facial Point Cloud. This helps determine an accurate, precise mask recommendation – right from home.
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Patient Adherence Management Service


Patient Adherence Management Service works to motivate and coach patients through their initial 90-day acclimation period. Patients receive personalized one-on-one care through live-call coaching and ongoing sleep apnea education from a team of sleep coaches.

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PAMS has managed more than 500,000 patients to date2
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85% of patients enrolled in the Philips Respironics 30-day mask program did not exchange their PAP mask during the first 30 days of therapy3
79.5% Pams patients icon
79.5% of all PAMS patients meet the 90-day CMS compliance guidelines4

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1Data analysis after 90 days of use. 2019 Philips sponsored patient preference trial (n=310). Patients scanned using the Mask Selector (n=153) vs. traditional fitting methods (n=157)

2In a retrospective review conducted by Philips Respironics on 6/10/2020 of the EncoreAnywhere database of patients who were enrolled into the PAMS service.

3In a retrospective review conducted by Philips Respironics on 6/10/2020 of the EncoreAnywhere database that compared 30 day mask refits for patients (n=15,315) entered into the Home Delivery and Remote Setup service.

4Retrospective study using 2014-2016 EncoreAnywhere data comparing 90 Day compliance rate between 12 Home Care Providers using PAMS for at least six months compared to all other DMEs with at least 1000 PAP setups using the CMS Compliance definition - minimum of 4 hours of use over 70% of the nights during a consecutive 30 day period within the first 90 days of use.  

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