Celebrating 2 Million AEDs

Celebrating 2 Million AEDs across the globe

I am proud of the long and successful history of our automated external defibrillators - also known as AEDs - which have helped save lives every day for the past two decades. Today, we reached the incredible milestone of having shipped a total of two million AEDs worldwide, and we will continue to innovate and provide our customers with reliable easy-to-use lifesaving technology.

Frans Van Houten

CEO, Philips

Almost 20 years of innovation

The two-millionth AED marks a major milestone in Philips’ almost 20 year legacy of cardiac resuscitation innovations to combat the potentially fatal effects of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). The roots of this business go back more than 50 years. Introduced in 1996, the Forerunner AED was the first lightweight, durable, automated external defibrillator (AED) that was designed to be easy to use so trained emergency responders could help treat a victim of sudden cardiac arrest.

Millions of customers

Today Philips AEDs can be found on board major U.S. airlines, in Fortune 100 companies, and in the locker rooms of professional sports teams. We are dedicated to saving lives and proud that so many Philips AEDs are now available across the globe.
As the leader in AEDs, Philips is committed to doing everything we can to help survive a sudden cardiac arrest, which is why we design our AEDs to be rugged, lightweight and durable, featuring clear audio instructions for both guided use and CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) guidance in addition to intuitive icon-driven operation for ease of use.
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