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OB Solution for Earlier Diagnosis

Pregnancy is a special time for mothers-to-be as they begin to bond with their babies, but also an important period to evaluate the baby’s overall development and health. A misdiagnosis of chromosomal, congenital and growth abnormalities can lead to long-term health issues or fetal demise, and it is critical to detect them as early as possible.


The Philips OB Solution for Earlier Diagnosis combines an innovative set of clinical tools that work together to help clinicians to detect birth defects during pregnancy. This collection of tools is specifically designed to meet the unique demands of OB/GYN scans while maximizing workflow capabilities, allowing physicians to give their patients the care they need, and the peace of mind they deserve.

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The solution focuses on three complementary areas that work together to offer an ultimate solution for OB/GYN:

Philips eL18-4 transducer

Premium Quality Resolution & Penetration:

The Philips eL18-4 transducer with Microflow Imaging breaks down barriers with high resolution 2D imaging and ultra-sensitive blood flow detection to evaluate overall fetal health in the early stages of pregnancy—where superb resolution and diagnostic confidence are critical. Highly versatile, uniquely designed for OB, V9-2 transducer uses the power of PureWave crystal technology to provide superb 2D and 3D imaging while remaining lightweight for its class.

TrueVue image

Lifelike Imaging:

With innovative, highly detailed images and the ability to manipulate a flexible virtual light source, TrueVue provides clinicians and expecting mothers with incredibly lifelike images of the fetus during pregnancy.

TouchVue image

Efficient Workflow:

  • TouchVue and MPR Touch working together provide an easy, intuitive method of 3D workflow.
  • FlexVue is a highly versatile tool that allows visualization of technically difficult anatomical views from 3D volumes.
  • aBiometry Assist A.I., combined with Smart Exams, uses Anatomical Intelligence to simplify the process of gathering fetal measurements while reducing the necessary number of keystrokes. By streamlining workflow processes, clinicians can spend more time focusing on what matters most, the health of their patients.

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