Support Documentation

Support documentation

Information Management Systems Connectivity

DICOM Conformance Statements

Stress Systems

ST80i A.01 (July 2015)


PageWriter Systems

ECG PageWriter TC A.06.04 (March 2015)

ECG PageWriter TC A.06.01 (March 2014)

ECG Gateway EG100 (July 2011)


Xcelera Connect Systems

Xcelera Connect R2.1L1 (April 2008)

Xcelera Connect R1.3L2 (January 2008)


XCLM Systems

Xcelera Cathlab Management R2.1 with Allura/Integris/Visub Interface (March 2006)

Xcelera Cathlab Management R1.2 with Allura/Integris/Visub Interface (November 2005)