How to be

successful in NIV?

Setting up a successful NIV program

Successful NIV needs dedication and a competent program. There are many good reasons to consider the use of NIV in the hospitals as it is one of the rare medical technologies that both improves patien...


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Technology as one of the success factors

Technology plays an important part when it comes to successful NIV. Ventilator-patient synchrony is an important goal. Studies underline that dedicated NIV devices perform much better in this category...


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Masks and interfaces

When first starting a NIV program, it is recommended to try some of the many different masks and interfaces available to make the right choice. Up to 50 percent of NIV failures are related to the mask...


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Practice guidelines in the NIV program

Practice guidelines can help implement a successful NIV program by changing clinical care practice leading to increased usage of NIV. Clinical practice guidelines are designed to change practitioner p...


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NIV usage increases as clinicians become more familiar with the application. Follow the guidelines for patient selection and initiation of NIV. Expertise is an important factor when it comes to succes...


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Training & Education

Training and education play a crucial part in performing successful NIV. Increasing experience will lead to higher success rates.

Knowledge and training are two important factors when initiating a NIV program...


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Despite its proven benefits to improve patient comfort and reduce mortality and also costs, noninvasive ventilation (NIV) is still underutilized at many hospitals. This website is designed to promote the usage of NIV by sharing the many situations in which NIV improves patients’ outcomes as well as to inform about the factors which are important in order to perform successful NIV.

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