Where to use NIV?

NIV in the ICU

With its monitoring facilities, 24 hour staff availability, and trained care givers, the ICU provides the setting for successful NIV. In the ICU, there is much interest in NIV to prevent intubation and ve...


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NIV outside the ICU

For certain ARF indications NIV can be used in non-acute settings to relieve pressure on the ICU. Although it is more commonly used in ICU and high acuity care areas, NIV also has the potential to be...


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NIV in the emergency department

NIV in the ED should be considered to encourage early intervention and to avoid patient deterioration. The emergency department in particular, should be considered for NIV programs as this is often...


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NIV in post-operative patients

NIV can be used to prevent acute respiratory failure, treat acute respiratory failure, and avoid re-intubation in post-operative patients. NIV is used in post-operative patients to achieve two pote...


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Despite its proven benefits to improve patient comfort and reduce mortality and also costs, noninvasive ventilation (NIV) is still underutilized at many hospitals. This website is designed to promote the usage of NIV by sharing the many situations in which NIV improves patients’ outcomes as well as to inform about the factors which are important in order to perform successful NIV.

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