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Emergency care and resuscitation solutions

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Emergency Care and Resuscitation Systems

Philips Emergency Care and Resuscitation systems help you respond to emergencies quickly and effectively wherever they occur. We offer a wide range of innovative, evidence-based emergency care and resuscitation solutions.


We support you with clinical training, services, accessories and programs to help give those you treat the best chance of returning to an active, normal life.

  • Advanced life support solutions

    Advanced life support solutions

    Discover how Philips defibrillators & advanced life support monitors help provide life-saving therapy. Learn how they provide superb diagnostics for decision-making.

  • Automated external defibrillators

    Automated external defibrillators

    Discover how Philips automated external defibrillators' step-by-step guidance helps you save lives. Explore our entire AED range. Learn more.

  • Data management solutions

    Data management solutions

    Discover how Data Management solutions exchange emergency-care information &help you focus on your patient and speed delivery of care.. Learn about Philips HeartStart data management solutions.

  • Accessories


    Discover how Philips Emergency care accessories optimize the performance of AEDs & data management solutions. Learn more about HeartStart trainer kits.

Philips has reached agreement with the U.S. government on a consent decree primarily focusing on the company’s defibrillator manufacturing in two U.S. sites, Andover, MA and Bothell, WA. Under the consent decree, Philips is suspending manufacture and shipping in the U.S. of defibrillators manufactured at these sites, but is permitted to continue providing certain automated external defibrillators, as well as consumables, accessories and service, to ensure uninterrupted availability of these highly reliable life-saving devices.


Philips defibrillators currently in use by customers are recommended by Philips to remain in use, and should not be taken out of service as Philips has no reason to believe they pose a risk to patients. Philips is proud that its defibrillators save lives daily, with a high reliability record.  


Philips is dedicated to addressing the requirements of this consent decree, and to continuing our focus on quality and compliance. We are embracing this opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to our customers and their patients, and we are confident that our Emergency Care & Resuscitation business will emerge stronger than before.

Articles and insights in emergency care

  • Emergency Response

    Emergency Response

    Philips EMS solutions help you raise the quality of your emergency care across the entire course of treatment.

  • Workplace and community AED

    Workplace and community AED

    Philips AED solutions with Life Guidance help give you the confidence to act quicklyand decisively, and lead the way to save a life.

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