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Innovative diagnostic and treatment devices for even your most complex challenges. It's all in the details.

Merging our strengths

IGT Devices is happy to welcome Intact Vascular as a Philips company. As one team, we look forward to continuing to expand our image-guided therapy devices portfolio.

Image Guided Therapy Devices


As a healthcare provider, your focus is on improving treatment for every patient, every time. At Philips Image Guided Therapy Devices, we help you achieve that goal.


Our integrated solutions advance the art of minimally invasive procedures for patients with coronary artery disease, peripheral artery disease or lead extraction indications. The medical community seeks ever more precise, accurate and efficient tools in order to decide, guide, treat and confirm the right therapy for the right patient at the point of care. The aim is to save and improve lives while reducing the total cost of care through more efficient, more appropriate and more personal therapies.


We have been innovating for over 125 years. Our solutions endure over time. Philips image guided therapy devices deliver unique and specific capabilities. Our total lab solutions include planning, financing, construction and training, while our education, partnership and reimbursement programs further demonstrate our ongoing commitment to realizing ever-better outcomes for your patients.

Cardiovascular Disease

Coronary Artery Disease
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Americans who are ≥20 years old
Estimated 6.5 million people
Hospital discharges: 1.35 million
Peripheral Artery Disease
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Americans who are ≥40 years old
Estimated 6.8 million people
Hospital discharges: 146,000
Cardiac implanted electronic devices
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Seven million implanted cardiac devices today
1.3 million more added annually
6 in 10 CIED patients with device infections are undertreated or not treated at all
All Cardiovascular Disease
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Americans who are ≥20 years old
Estimated 92.1 million people
Cost: $316.1 billion
Source: American Heart Association & Philips
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Office-based lab solutions

Committed to your long-term success

At Philips, we do much more than just provide you with cutting-edge equipment and devices. We set you up for long-term success. From planning and financing to construction and training, we offer services and support throughout the lifecycle of your office-based lab.

Learn more about our Office Based Lab Solutions
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Getting your patients back to their lives, quicker


Our solutions help you get your patients back to living an active life faster and more seamlessly than ever before. We continually innovate toward greater precision and accuracy. Hear stories from patients and physicians who have benefited from the Philips portfolio of minimally invasive image guided therapy solutions. Click below to learn about their journeys.

Decide, Guide, Treat & Confirm

Your patients and colleagues depend on you to make the right call the first time, every time. Philips provides a portfolio of advanced diagnostic and specialized treatment solutions to support you in doing just that. These products complement your practice so that you can optimize diagnosis and treatment while you improve workflow and gain efficiencies. And as new challenges emerge in the cardiovascular space, you can collaborate with us to understand and meet your evolving and exacting needs with new solutions that are backed by real-world experience and clinical evidence.
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Physiology and imaging devices help you decide which patients need treatment, as well as select the appropriate therapy for each. 
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IVUS helps guide treatment, providing more data about lesions than angiography alone for precise stent sizing and placement.
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Our atherectomy devices and specialty balloons help you treat even the most complex cases.
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IVUS and physiology data help confirm the effectiveness of treatment, creating the potential for the best patient outcomes.
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  • Coronary

    Our leading coronary imaging, physiology and therapy devices enable health care providers to optimize and streamline percutaneous coronary interventions (PCIs).

    Click here to read more
  • Peripheral

    Our peripheral vascular portfolio ensures clinicians feel confident that they’re delivering the best possible care with personalized treatment and quality of life for their patients.

    Click here to read more
  • Lead Management

    Patients with CIEDs are on a lifelong journey, and Philips is there to make sure it’s a healthy one. Making the right decision at the right time regarding lead extraction is critical for every patient. When extraction is the right decision, our devices help ensure safe, predictable lead removal.

    Click here to read more
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On the Image Guided Therapy Devices team, we're passionate about continuously innovating to make our work meaningful for everyone.


Hear how our teammates work together to treat every patient like family and why we’re inspired by the ability to directly impact someone’s life.

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