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After installing the DigitalDiagnost C90, see how the team at Cedar Rapids’ Physicians Clinic of Iowa (PCI) is enjoying the increased clinical exam capabilities, newly created workflow efficiencies, faster exams, and higher staff and patient satisfaction.

X-ray is more than an image

X-ray is often the start of a patient’s care journey and supports critical clinical decisions from prevention through treatment across the care continuum. It affects productivity, workflow and care team satisfaction. It’s more than equipment and more than an image. X-ray is an imperative.
See how Philips Diagnostic X-Ray Technology Innovation Program simplified the process and created a pathway to optimize investments at University of Vermont Health Network.

Philips ranked Best Service for RF X-Ray

IMV ServiceTrak 2017-2018 awards are out and Philips RF X-Ray leads in Service.
IMV xray system

Smart dose management with ProxiDiagnost N90 and CombiDiagnost R90

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For pediatric examinations, Philips Grid-Controlled Fluoroscopy (GCF) enables a dose rate1 reduction up to 68 %2 compared to Pulse Controlled Fluoroscopy (PCF), depending on patient type and clinical application.


Learn how Philips Grid Controlled Fluoroscopy (GCF) with In-Pulse Control allows you to obtain higher image quality at a low dose.

1 Dose rate determined according to IEC 60601-2-54,, System set up: detector format 43x43 cm (17x17”), patient type children, 0.1 mm Cu + 1 mm Al filter, reduced dose and pulsed slow fluoroscopy mode with 2 pulses/s, Phantom: 5 cm (2 in) PMMA

2 Relative difference of two reference air kerma rates between a system with GCF and a system with PCF

Next generation image processing software

UNIQUE 2 minimizes the compromise between sharpness and noise, increasing detail visualization to support diagnostic confidence. It brings detail to very dark and very bright image regions by accurately balancing contrast levels and offering extended flexibility to adjust contrast. It delivers a more homogenous and consistent image impression, regardless of patient type, with an all-black background.
DR Fluoroscopy room solutions

Fluoroscopy room solutions

DR mobile solutions

Portable digital x-ray solutions

DR innovations for image quality and workflow

SkyFlow Plus


A grid-less workflow with SkyFlow resulted in an average of 34 seconds time saving compared with workflow with a grid for bedside chest X-rays. Enhance image contrast with SkyFlow, and save X-ray dose caused by misalignment and retakes with grid-less imaging.

UNIQUE X-ray image Processing Software

UNIQUE image quality


This multiresolution software harmonizes contrast and enhances details. It adapts to the output medium and detects the appropriate region of interest, automating the contrast process to give you greater image harmony and clarity.

Eleva platform

Intuitive Eleva platform


An easy to learn user interface available across all Philips X-ray solutions to concentrate on patients instead of technology.

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