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Cardiovascular ultrasound solutions

Designed for cardiologists. Confident diagnoses for patients.

Cardiac ultrasound: every heart matters

In today's cardiology environment, there is pressure to implement cardiology ultrasound imaging solutions that are cutting-edge, without compromising workflow efficiencies, diagnosis and treatment, or patient care.


Philips cardiovascular ultrasound machines bring outstanding functionality and performance that help you improve quality of care and workflow within the cardiology department – allowing you to deliver superb care to each and every patient.

Cardiac ultrasound Philips - video
2020 IMV Award

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Philips EPIQ CVx*: Exceptional cardiac ultrasound

The EPIQ CVx* is a dedicated cardiovascular ultrasound machine which brings significant advancements in functionality.
Exceptional imaging with the OLED monitor & TrueVue realistic light rendering
Improved exam efficiencies with configurable Ul and real time image alignment in 3D
New robust & reproducible AIUS quantification on a wider range of patients with Dynamic HeartModel

AutoStrain, powered by advanced automation technology, provides fast and reproducible left ventricle global longitudinal strain (GLS) measurement for everyday clinical use.

Affiniti CVx ultrasound system:
Affiniti CVx facilitates a high-through put cardiology workflow that addresses the unique challenges that busy cardiovascular labs face everyday.
The CX50 cardiovascular ultrasound machine:
Premium technologies bring a new level of image quality to compact ultrasound, so performance isn't sacrificed for portability. This cardiovascular ultrasound machine is designed for critical study requirements and big system performance everywhere you need it.

EPIQ CVx: proven cardiovascular ultrasound performance


proven cardiovascular 

ultrasound performance

The latest release of the Philips EPIQ CVx is designed to support you at every step from diagnosis to treatment –helping you and your clinical teams to deliver accurate, reproducible diagnosis with confidence.

Echocardiogram machines: latest innovation in echocardiography

TrueVue in Cardiac ultrasound

3D photorealistic rendering with virtual light source

For improved visualization of cardiac anatomy in the transthoracic and transesophageal echo, Philips cardiology TrueVue with its virtual light source makes it simpler to visualize the location of defects and comprehend depth within the structures.
Cardiac ultrasound with Dynamic HeartModelA.I.**

Cardiology quantification designed to increase confidence

Philips HeartModelA.I. is a 3D tool that provides robust, reproducible ejection fraction (EF) in seconds as part of a routine workflow. Dynamic HeartModelA.I. shows moving contours for left ventricle (LV) and left atrium (LA) volumes.
EchoNavigator with Anatomical Intelligence

A cardiovascular ultrasound machine built for better understanding

To enhance your comprehension of anatomical structures, catheters and devices location during interventional cardiac procedures, the Philips EPIQ CVxi* enables multimodality decision support.
AutoStrain in cardiovascular ultrasound machine

Automated GLS measurement for routine clinical use

TOMTEC AutoStrain offers a simple one-button-push strain solution driven by Auto View Recognition and Auto Contour Placement trained on more than 6000 images to ensure the robustness. AutoStrain provides fast and reproducible left ventricle global longitudinal strain (GLS) measurement for everyday clinical use.

Clinical insights into echocardiography machines

Bringing 3D cardiac ultrasound into practice for cardiac quantification:

Cardiac function can be assessed in several ways, using a number of imaging modalities. Ultrasound provides cost-effective, robust capabilities to assess quickly moving structures of the heart without ionizing radiation exposure.

Taking the complexity out of cardiac ultrasounds:

Philips HeartModelA.I. is a 3D tool that enables fast exam times, seamless workflow and broad applicability. It automatically detects, segments, and quantifies left ventricle (LV) and left atrium (LA) from live 3D images.

Echocardiography machines resources:

Ultrasound lumify in ambulance tablet

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