The gift of experience: celebrating a nurse’s 56 years giving back

By Philips ∙ Winston-Salem State University ∙ May 5, 2024 ∙ 4 min


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gift of experience

At a Glance:

• Elleton 'Mickey' McCullough shares her long and inspirational nursing career with us.
• Mickey encourages new nurses to not let anything stand in their way.
• Nurses and family members – including her granddaughters – explain the influence she’s had on their own nursing careers.

This video shines a light on the remarkable career of Elleton “Mickey” McCullough, 78, and how she guides new nurses as they find their footing in the field. See her at home, in her community and in the classroom at Winston-Salem State University, where students share why they still look up to her 30 years after she trained them. For experienced and new nurses alike, Mickey’s biggest lesson has been one of inspiration. As someone who exemplifies resilience and determination, she’s encouraged countless nurses throughout America – and even as far as China – to go the extra mile and never give up in their pursuit of becoming the best nurse they can be.

Preparing nurses to care for complex patients

In this short video, hear from one of Mickey’s mentees, Dr. Theresa Tyson, undergraduate chair of the Division of Nursing, Winston-Salem State University, about meeting current nursing challenges.

tyson image

Dr. Tyson talks about the importance of preparing nurses to take care of complex patients.

“Her goal is for you to be successful at what you do at being a nurse… because she is the nurse.”

racquel ingram

Racquel Ingram

Mickey’s former mentee and Founding Dean at High Point University School of Nursing, High Point, North Carolina

Elleton interacting with X3

Nurses make the difference

Philips is proud to honor nurses like Elleton 'Mickey' McCullough, who help new generations of nurses find their rhythm by sharing the gift of experience. Philips is proud to celebrate America’s more than five million registered nurses and appreciate how they make a difference as trusted advocates who make sure that people, families and communities get quality care.

Nurse with grandkids

Elleton with her two granddaughters, Tuesdaye and Mariah, who are pursuing nursing careers.

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