A new kind of


Creating the future
of healthcare

What will the hospital of the future look like

A new kind of partnership

Four organizations, each with a different challenge and a different mission.

What do they have in common?

They each want to improve healthcare for their patients.

And they are partnering with Philips to achieve that vision:

* Georgia Regents Medical Center (GRMC) is reorganizing to a managed services business model so they can provide quality care and manage costs.

* Banner Health is using telehealth to serve their patients, which are the most resource intensive. Their program helps reduce readmissions and keep patients at home where they are happiest.

* The Saudi Ministry of Health is upgrading to state-of-the-art imaging informatics.

* Through technological advancements, surgeons at the University of Utrecht are performing minimally invasive procedures in place of open surgery and in some cases, any surgery at all.

What is your challenge?

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Finding the future of healthcare in the cloud


New digital health platform
connects patients and providers

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Finding the future of healthcare in the cloud

Giving control back to paralyzed patients


Discovering the potential
of brain control and
wearable technology


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Giving control back to paralyzed patients

New freedom
for COPD

Keeping them on the
go and out of hospital

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Readmission of COPD patients

Trade the
waiting room
for the living

How telehealth is transforming care delivery

Helping seniors rest easy
and enjoy life

Lifeline Medical Alert System

Living independently, feeling confident and secure

For many seniors, the ability to maintain an independent lifestyle has a major impact on their overall quality of life. Rooted in 40 years of first-in-class innovations, our Lifeline solutions have helped give seniors the freedom to live their daily lives with more confidence, security and satisfaction.

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Seeing is


Live image guidance
gives more information
in real time

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Live image guidance

Shave minutes
off your STEMI


Start the clock in the field

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