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HIMSS 2016 Annual Meeting & Exhibition 
February 29 - March 4 | Sands Expo, Las Vegas, NV
Booth #3416
HIMSS 2016 Annual Meeting & Exhibition 
February 29 - March 4 | Sands Expo, Las Vegas, NV
Booth #3416

See how we made connected care happen at HIMSS 2016

We know that health happens where life happens—continuously. That’s why we’re innovating every day to bring you solutions that focus across the health continuum from hospital to home and in the daily lives of patients.

Our innovations span the health continuum, from acute care to wellness and prevention. From hospital to home, we provide clinical and IT expertise to help you deliver continuous health.


Learn how Philips helps our customers address the key challenges in healthcare today below.

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How can you improve the care of one through the care of many?


Philips population health predictive algorithms use robust population data and deep clinical expertise to detect patterns and predict risks before they happen, leveraging the power of a population to benefit an individual.


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What allows you to provide more continuous care at less expense?


Philips care coordination and telehealth solutions enable care teams to stay continuously connected to patients at home while helping to prevent costly hospital readmissions and improve patient satisfaction.


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What can ease the cost and emotional burden of chronic disease?


Philips connected digital health tools improve the daily lives of patients coping with chronic diseases by reducing complexity, seamlessly tracking their condition, and providing proactive support to keep them healthier, longer.


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How is the evolution of healthcare IT addressing the needs of a changing world?


Download the infographic on the latest findings to better understand the evolution of Healthcare IT, the new technologies and areas of focus where other hospitals and IDNs are making sound investments.


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Relive some of the exciting moments from HIMSS 2016


Philips at HIMSS 16: Connecting care for continuous health


HIMSS 16: Influencer insights


Philips HealthTech Talks


Within our booth we provided short talks and conversations on the latest healthcare information technologies, solutions, and trends – covering population health, care coordination, personal health, and clinical informatics. Plus, see how connected heath innovations are making a difference across the health continuum, from diagnosis and acute care to wellness and prevention.


Featured Speakers at HIMSS 2016

Carla Kriwet, CEO Patient Care and Monitoring Solutions, Philips

Carla shared her vision for Healthcare Beyond the Bedside. Focusing on a people focused approach to innovation, Carla discussed how Philips is working with clinical research partners to find new ways to enhance care in the ICU and beyond utilizing cloud-based technology.


Altaf Stationwala, President and CEO Mackenzie Health.

Ontario’s Mackenzie Health is a trailblazer with a bold vision: To build the SMART hospital of the future enabled by the Internet of Healthcare Things (a term they trademarked).


Altaf shared their unique approach to managing new hospital design risk and innovation that rests on a consortium model of innovative private partnerships.


Frans van Houten, CEO, Royal Philips

Frans van Houten is transforming Philips to meet the needs of customers as they face tomorrow’s health care challenges. Through a highly engaging fireside chat with David Kirkpatrick, Founder, Host and CEO – Techonomy, Frans described Philips’s consumer health and professional healthcare businesses, that are changing the way patients and their care teams experience health care services. Funding significant investments in systems integration, connected devices, big data, analytics and consulting capabilities, Frans described why health informatics is a crucial element of current and future solutions in the area of population health management and connected care delivery.


Read Frans van Houten's vision for digital health


Frans van Houten delivered the opening keynote at the HX360 Executive program. Realizing the need to address tomorrow’ healthcare challenges today, he shared key lessons healthcare can learn from innovation in other industries.


Five lessons healthcare can learn from innovation in other industries


Kimberley O’Loughlin, Senior VP & GM of Home Monitoring

Kimberly presented pioneering technologies that are helping seniors age well with Continuous Health solutions.


Jeroen Tas, CEO, Healthcare Informatics Solutions and Services, Philips

Tas joined a panel of experts to discuss Innovation & the Future of Diabetes Care. The panel explored cutting edge innovations, trends and behavioral tools that are emerging to support digital diabetes management. Ranging from kiosks, apps and platforms; consumers, patients and employers have more ways to manage this chronic disease.


HIMSS and the future of diabetes care

Francois Andry, Sr Director Enterprise Architecture, Philips

Francois presented Philips’ cloud based capabilities, that are powering the HealthSuite digital platform and interoperability solutions in the hospital and in the home.

Andrew Arthur, M.S., Sr Director Engineering, Philips

Andrew presented leading insights into the importance of seamless data across the interoperability journey.

Manu Varma, Head of Strategy, Philips Enterprise Telehealth

In his compelling presentation ‘Continuous Health for the Connected Patient’, Manu described how new digital technologies are not only helping to keep people healthy, they are empowering consumers to better manage their health. Customer driven insights are fueling the range of innovations, which are designed to keep patients connected to their data to support continuous health solutions. At the center of this model is the quantified patient with access to many cloud based health services to live a longer and healthier life.


Manu presented how Volume-Based to Value-Based Care is being addressed at a Pioneer ACO.


Enterprise Clinical Informatics and Patient Monitoring


As healthcare transitions from volume to value, provider organizations are faced with the need to reduce costs while improving the quality of care, patient engagement and satisfaction. Our informatics solutions and services help you engage and manage patient care through data that truly matters in ways that are easily accessible, contextually relevant, and actionable anywhere care takes place.



Solution highlights

Cardiology information system


IntelliSpace Cardiovascular is designed to help streamline workflow and improve operational performance throughout the cardiovascular care continuum.




Advanced Visualization


IntelliSpace Portal 8.0 connects your entire radiology department with an Advanced Visualization solution that’s easily accessed from nearly any computer, integrating datasets from multiple vendors*.



Clinical Optimization


Explore how our clinical performance improvement services help healthcare leaders deliver better clinical care.





Managed dosage



DoseWise solutions provide innovative technologies and services to better manage medical radiation exposure to patients and healthcare professionals.




CareEvent - Event management system


An enterprise event management solution, CareEvent includes a mobile application to send informative alerts directly to your smartphone so you can make informed decisions and take fast action when required.



IntelliSpace Console Critical Care


A cloud-based tool that combines clinical data from patient devices and electronic medical records and displays it in an easy-to-read dashboard designed to streamline decision making in the ICU.




*Please contact your Philips representative for details on multi-vendor coverage, or contact us via our online form.

Award-winning solutions


Philips IntelliSpace Portal is a proud recipient of a 2015/2016 KLAS Category Leader designation for:

  • Enterprise Advanced Visualization
  • Global Patient Administration System South America and Global (non-US) PAS Latin America.

This win signifies our commitment in delivering exceptional healthcare informatics solutions to help our customers enhance their workflow, advance decision making, and improve patient care.

Connected Patient and Population Health



Our connected digital health tools aim to improve the daily lives of patients coping with chronic diseases by reducing complexity, seamlessly tracking their condition, and providing proactive support to keep them healthier, longer. At the same time, care teams can stay continuously connected to patients while helping to prevent costly hospital readmissions and improve patient satisfaction.


See how our app demo for diabetes connects patients with caregivers and empowers people with diabetes to better manage their condition.

Solution highlights

Government Solutions


Telehealth: Providing Veterans, Service members and military families with healthy living and innovative care solutions.





Clinical dashboard for ambulatory health. Remotely monitor patients’ vital signs and send patients short surveys about their health status





With Lumify, the smart device solution is designed to provide high-quality ultrasound available from virtually anywhere.




Elder care


See how Philips is making an impact within family matters in caregiving and technology adoption



Home Monitoring


Our home monitoring products and senior support services allow you to stay connected to seniors patients before, during and after care is provided. Offering Philips Lifeline to seniors in your community not only increases peace of mind for families, but also has the potential to reduce readmissions, decrease costs and adds a new source of revenue to your organization.





Our CareSage predictive analytics engine leverages both connectivity and data analytics to help organizations manage their at-risk patients



An open platform for the future of healthcare

The increasing number of devices, exploding volume of data, and growing field of vendors create a dizzying array of options for you. How can you manage immediate needs while remaining open to this growth? Philips HealthSuite digital platform cuts through this complexity. Our open, cloud-based platform is purpose-built for the new era in connected health, as data grows and healthcare expands outside the hospital into our homes and everyday lives.


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Innovating a new healthcare ecosystem


We brought our HealthSuite Labs to HIMSS with HealthSuite LIVE!, where we co-created in real time with a number of key customers on the path to value-based care.

If your healthcare network or IDN could benefit from a HealthSuite Labs co-creation session in the future, contact us today.


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