Clinical Solutions

Clinical Solutions

  • Philips DoseWise

    Philips DoseWise

    Comprehensive suite of dose management tools

  • Live Image Guidance

    Live Image Guidance

    With Philips Live Image Guidance we strive to remove the barriers to safer, effective, and reproducible treatment. Intuitive integration of live imaging...

  • Office Based Lab Solutions

    Office Based Lab Solutions

    Philips offers distinctive solutions to help support you whether you are looking to open a new lab or already have an established business.

  • Hospital alarm management solution

    Hospital alarm management solution

    Discover our alarm management solution designed to help you manage alarms and reduce alarm fatigue, categorize, distribute and respond—virtually wherever you are.

  • IntelliVue Guardian Solution

    IntelliVue Guardian Solution

    IntelliVue Guardian Solution is a customizable patient monitoring system combining software, clinical decision support algorithms and mobile connectivity.

  • Early Warning Scoring

    Early Warning Scoring

    What is EWS? How does it differ from MEWS or PEWS? Discover the Philips early warning scoring solution taking risk management in healthcare to the next level.