Workforce Optimization

Helping to optimize
healthcare workforce

Enhancing the productivity and flexibility of your clinical staff

Nursing and other clinical staff can be right-sized and right-configured by applying advanced statistical modeling and targeted analytics.


Our workforce experts provide expertise spanning operations research, cost models, and staff management proficiency. We can help nursing and other clinical services leadership enhance labor efficiency and support patient care quality.


Benefits of Philips Workforce Optimization Services include:

  • Data-based performance predictions
  • Predictable resource planning
  • Improved productivity and staff satisfaction
  • Enhanced environment and reputation to support recruiting efforts

Utilizing operations research and analytics to optimize the workforce for a multi-hospital healthcare system in the US

Nursing labor costs typically represent at least 25% of a hospital’s total expenditures.

Philips can help you achieve the ‘five rights of staffing’:


  • The right size
  • With the right skills
  • At the right location
  • At the right time
  • With the right assignment
Staffing Eco system

Linear programming models help test various scenarios to identify the optimal staffing mix given the financial and operational realities within an organization.

A strategic approach for results

Philips collaborates closely with nursing and management teams to build sustainable internal capacity and capabilities.


We focus on achieving immediate project objectives, while being mindful of future needs. We can help you achieve:


  • Enhanced core staff and float pool configuration: Identify minimum core staff needed to cover demand while supplementing with float pool.
  • Improved schedule patterns: Create schedule patterns aligned to demand variation and apply work rules to ensure deployment consistency.
  • Defined deployment strategies: Leverage staffing office professionals and pre-defined deployment strategies to address special cause issues with special cause solutions
Staffing Eco system

Philips takes a holistic view of the workforce to help support the change initiatives as they impact all areas of a hospital or healthcare network.

Workforce Optimization Dashboard


Our TransformAnalytics team will create a workforce performance dashboard, or augment existing applications, to provide ongoing visualized data awareness.


Data scientists will analyze historic supply versus demand to identify over- and under-staffing issues. ADT (Admission, Discharge, Transfer), budgeting, time clock, payroll, work rules, and other data is integrated into analyzable tables.


Dashboards help support waste reduction without impacting quality of care.


Benefits include:

- Enhanced staffing levels to meet real-time patient demand

- Improved staffing levels based on a reconfigured float pool and adjusted shift schedules

- Reduced overtime and agency staff

How we enable the transformation process

A data-based methodology

Staffing systems are a dynamic network of many aspects acting and reacting in parallel. Our data scientists and consultants analyze years of supply and demand data, complete on-site qualitative assessments, and validate assumptions and results, to determine the ideal staffing mix for an institution.


We can help establish a flexible ‘pool’ strategy across large, integrated healthcare networks that may take the form of a geographically organized, enterprise-wide solution.


Simulation modeling tools 

Optimal staffing mix

We use precise simulation modeling tools to create integrated solutions which can help optimize the clinical workforce. These tools and applications are based on linear programing, discrete-events, time-series analysis, queuing, and other proven techniques.


They help test various scenarios to identify the optimal staffing mix given the financial and operational realities within an organization.

Clinical Expertise

Clinical Expertise

Our clinical experts bring extensive experience in collaborating with hospitals and health systems to develop clinical growth strategies and deliver efficient clinical processes.


We help create an integrated care management approach and achieve clinical performance improvement goals. Our consultants help align people, processes, and technologies to deliver high-quality and cost-effective patient care across the health continuum.

Effective Staffing Takes a Village: Creating the Staffing Ecosystem 

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Nursing Economics March-April 2016 (Vol. 34/No. 2)

Authored by Margaret Gavigan, MSN, MBA, RN, System Vice President, Nursing Business Operations, Advocate Health Care; Therese Fitzpatrick, PhD, RN, Principle and Practice Operations Lead, Philips; Carole Miserendino, DrPH, RN, FACHE, Nurse Executive and Senior Consulting Manager, Philips.

Executive Summary

  • The traditional approaches to staffing and scheduling are often ineffective in assuring sufficient budgeting and deployment of staff to assure the right nurse at the right time for the right cost.
  • As hospital merger activity increases, this exercise is further complicated by the need to rationalize staffing across multiple enterprises and standardize systems and processes.
  • This Midwest hospital system successfully optimized staffing at the unit and enterprise levels by utilizing operations research methodologies.


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