A cloud-based platform
purpose-built for healthcare

Connected in the cloud

An open, secure platform of services, capabilities and tools designed to inspire and enable the development of next generation connected health and wellness innovations.

Our HealthSuite digital services

A tailored set of tools and resources optimized for healthcare innovation and co-creation of continuous health and personalized care applications
Offers the foundational infrastructure to build decision support algorithms and machine learning applications.
Standardizes interfaces between HealthSuite enabled applications and devices with third-party systems.
Provides functionality to help complete routine tasks and coordinate communications among users.
Provides managed infrastructure to monitor the health of systems and performance of applications.
Securely identifies users, authorizes consent, ensure data privacy and track user activity.
Manages, updates, monitors and remotely controls smart devices.
Acquire, access and manage personal data from devices and applications through a cloud-hosted repository.

Empowering the next generation of connected health and wellness innovations

HealthSuite digital platform offers both a native cloud-based infrastructure and the core services needed to develop and run a new generation of connected healthcare applications. 


Unlike other digital platforms, HealthSuite is purpose built for the complex challenges of healthcare, featuring deep clinical databases, patient privacy, industry standards and protocols, and personal and population data visualizations.


Population health powered by data

HealthSuite digital platform is part of our Philips HealthSuite connected health ecosystem, giving healthcare organizations and health-tech developers the tools and services to create innovative health applications that can deliver a more personalized care experience for individuals and caregivers.


At the same time, a rich repository of data collected over time and from thousands of individual data points enables organizations to find patterns and insights to take on larger challenges in care delivery across entire populations.

See the potential for chronic condition management

Connecting care from the living room to the hospital room

Easing the burden for people managing Type 1 diabetes


Digital innovation through design thinking

HealthSuite labs is an engaging, interactive, fully facilitated series of strategy sessions structured to arrive at viable propositions to an individual healthcare challenge, and idenitfy an action plan. Our multidisciplinary team of clinical, research, design and digital experts work side-by-side with healthcare leaders and even patients to uncover insights and find concrete solutions.

Connected for a healthier future

Learn more about our Philips HealthSuite connected health ecosystem and our vision for care across the health continuum.




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