About HealthSuite digital platform

Open a world of cloud-based connected healthcare

Today your personal health data and medical history are scattered over many apps, devices and systems in multiple places and formats. Philips believes in the potential of bringing this data together to create smarter and more meaningful connected health solutions for consumers, patients and care professionals.


That is why Philips is developing HealthSuite, a cloud-enabled connected health ecosystem of devices, apps and digital tools that will work seamlessly together to empower personalized health and continuous care. HealthSuite is purpose-built to benefit consumers, patients and populations across the health continuum, from healthy living and prevention to diagnosis, treatment and home care.


As well as helping to improve the efficiency and personalization of healthcare, our aim is to make consumers feel empowered. So instead of health being something monitored and treated by healthcare professionals – where the consumer is only informed and not involved – they are empowered to take more proactive ownership of their own health. 

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“Philips is at the forefront of digital health with a range of personalized connected health programs in areas such as oral care, sleep and heart health”

Pieter Nota, CEO Personal Health Businesses and Chief Marketing Officer, Royal Philips.

A vision of connected health


Through the HealthSuite ecosystem of applications, devices and digital tools, Philips aims to enable a new era of connected health where: 

  • People have easy access to their health and clinical information and are empowered to take control of their own health anytime, anywhere
  • People can easily interact with care providers, and each interaction is part of a seamless continuum of care aimed at improving their overall health
  • Care teams can collaborate closely around their patients’ specific situation and are guided to the most appropriate care for their patients’ clinical and personal profiles
  • Care providers could be automatically alerted to abnormal results that may indicate action is required – before their patients’ conditions become acute
  • Care providers have all relevant information at their fingertips in real time to support fast, and effective clinical decision making
  • Leaders of health systems have evidence-based insights to guide their organizational and financial decisions for the benefit of their patient populations and society.

New offerings enable healthy lifestyles


At IFA 2016, a range of new connected consumer health products leveraging Philips HealthSuite were announced. As a technology company that cares about people, with unique insights and expertise in both the consumer and professional healthcare domains, Philips is well positioned to deliver meaningful innovations throughout the health continuum– from healthy living and prevention to diagnosis, treatment and home care.


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