HealthSuite Labs:

Supporting healthcare organizations with digital innovation through design thinking

At Philips we co-create solutions using the latest digital technologies and clinical reasoning. HealthSuite Labs is a new way of engagement with customers like hospital networks or broader care networks. At our labs in Cambridge, MA and Europe, we’ll have an exclusive setting to host sessions with customers and Philips executives. It’s not the normal meeting room style; it’s an engaging, interactive, fully-facilitated series of strategy sessions. Together we’ll explore the big challenges and co-create solutions based on opportunities in patient self-care and care coordination in a connected health world.

We provide a unique inspirational environment, where key stakeholders from healthcare leadership as well as patients and a multidisciplinary team of Philips clinical, research, design and digital experts can connect. we are able to connect key stakeholders from healthcare leadership to patients. These stakeholders all work together building a holistic perspective of the challenge. This allows the team to address fundamental issues in healthcare systems leveraging both Design thinking and Agile methodologies, as well as the latest digital technologies and clinical reasoning.

Reach out to us if you believe you are a healthcare network or IDN that can benefit from a HealthSuite LIVE session with Philips. For more information on HealthSuite Labs, please contact us below.


Case Study: Defining the future of diabetes care

In the inaugural HealthSuite Labs session, Philips collaborated with the Dutch Regional Care Network Midden-Brabant to develop a new regional model for connected health for people living with diabetes. 

The Healthcare Innovation Challenge

The goal of the first HealthSuite Labs session was to find a solution using digital platforms, which enable better collaboration between care providers to optimize care for Diabetes type 1 and type 2 patients. This includes improving accessibility and reliability of information for both patients and care providers in order to enable more personalized care.
Capture information needs via role playing of patient meeting with doctor
Team reviews plan for new mobile app creation

Our Approach through Design Thinking
Two core components:


  • The Vision Lab focused on getting a clear understanding of the current situation in a selected care pathway and identified issues and improvement opportunities through a number of pre-work exercises. Based on this information, a shared vision on the future care pathway a solutions direction was determined, which was used as input to the Solution Lab.


  • In a 3-day Solution Lab session the team collaborated in an intensive planning session to come up with concrete solutions for the challenges of today and the future. The outcome of the Solution Lab is a shared vision of the future, plus a working prototype that supports this future vision along with details of the activities needed to realize and implement it.

Healthcare Innovation Solutions

This structured lab approach quickly translated the vision into relevant solutions, including healthcare IT innovations. Results from the initial session included:


• Defining a common shared vision of the future care pathway for diabetes patients

• Creating a working digital prototype that supports a demonstration depicting the most important patient care scenarios

• Formulating an action plan with organizational and implementation aspects

• Drafting an initial business case


We look forward to sharing progress in the development of a new regional connected care model for people living with diabetes. Note results from case studies are not predictive of results in other cases. Results in other cases may vary.

View of initial prototype of new diabetes management app

Global Innovation Support


There are already two HealthSuite labs sites live in Cambridge, MA, USA and Eindhoven, The Netherlands. We will further roll out this innovative concept around the globe. Let us know how we can help you to address the issues impacting your healthcare system. At Philips we believe the key to meaningful innovation takes a collaborative, end-to-end, patient-centered and outcomes-oriented approach.



Contact us today to discuss your current challenges and explore if a HealthSuite Labs session is right for you!