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A different approach to healthcare innovation is necessary. Complex challenges require all relevant stakeholders to co-create new sustainable healthcare models and investigate meaningful use of digital technologies to open new avenues for patient self-management, care flow improvement and cost reductions.

Modern day innovation labs no longer have scientists working in splendid isolation - they are global, digital and involve the expertise and creativity of many. 

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Collaborating with the Dutch Regional Care Network Midden-Brabant to develop a new regional model for connected health for people living with diabetes

We welcome you and your stakeholders to our Philips HealthSuite Innovation Labs. We facilitate the use of design thinking and agile methodologies to accelerate decision-making. We co-create and co-innovate solutions leveraging our combined digital, clinical, design and research experts.


HealthSuite Labs offers


  • A systematic approach to solve complex healthcare challenges, making effective use of valuable time and resources.


  • Direct access to Philips clinical, research and digital experts for collaborative problem solving.

How we enable the transformation process

A co-create methodology to inspire collaboration and innovation

The Philips co-create methodology is an iterative, people-centric, and multi-disciplinary approach to creative innovation and problem solving. Based on a mindset of collaboration, it extracts thoughts, intentions, and creative ideas via a facilitated workshop.


Active participation is garnered from physicians, patients, healthcare management, and other stakeholders. Co-creation is ideal for addressing complex, multi-stakeholder challenges in healthcare.


Discover: Explore insights and try-out ideas at an early stage


Frame: Define the opportunity and an improved future-state


Ideate: Use creative thinking to identify solutions, select the most relevant, and create a shared understanding


Build: Simulate situations, experiences, and behaviors to test hypotheses

Clinical Expertise

Our clinical experts bring extensive experience in collaborating with hospitals and health systems to develop clinical growth strategies and deliver efficient clinical processes.


We help create an integrated care management approach and achieve clinical performance improvement goals. Our consultants help align people, processes, and technologies to deliver high-quality and cost-effective patient care across the health continuum.

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