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Philips Managed Technology Services

What is Managed Technology Services?

Managed Technology Services is a comprehensive, outcome based service and solutions program, designed to assist you in managing and optimizing your healthcare technology.

Working as an extension of your team for equipment procurement, installation, management and upgrades, we can help you achieve continual availability, fast response times and enhance your total cost of ownership.
Managing healthcare technology

Key benefits

Close collaboration

Single point of contact engaging stakeholders to manage relationship, align around a shared goal and deliver on agreed upon KPIs.  One service agreement matched to your needs for streamlined operations.

Flexible, integrated, future-proof technology

Working with you, we develop flexible technology management plans that support your goals with the right technology and training in the right place at the right time.

Enhance total cost of ownership

Designed to decrease the TCO by rationalizing the investment and streamlining investments over time.  Philips offers a flexible, vendor agnostic multi-year technology plan and tracks and reports metrics to enable you to make data driven investment, have continuous improvement and utilization of assets, and maximize system availability.

Optional financial solutions

Philips can structure a financial proposition that fits your needs and budget.

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Working with your organization to share risk and reward, we will help you reach your goals with a flexible, trusted partner that evolves over time.
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Going beyond equipment, partnering with Philips helps you to solve bespoke challenges.
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We’ll combine our technical, operational and financial transformation expertise to help you drive change, while freeing up your staff to focus on patients and outcomes.

One team approach

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Operating as an extension of your team, we will work transparently, fl­exibly and collaboratively to assess and identify your challenges, priorities and define a realistic action plan.

In this way, you’ll gain meaningful, actionable insights drawn from our proven experience in Managed Technology Services partnering to help enable technical operational efficiencies and more confident investment.

Naturally, all equipment recommendations are vendor neutral and you retain complete control over all key decisions.

Managed Technology Services address your quadruple aim goals

Improved Staff Experience

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Minimize variation with a consistent staff experience using streamlined technological tools and clinical processes
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Improve operational efficiency

Better health outcomes

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Reduce patient prep time, procedure time and post procedure lab time
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Increase volume within resource allocations

Improved patient experience

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Improve turnaround time, average procedure time and  wait time
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Training to support clinical excellence, including detection of potential clinical deteriorations

Reduce costs and improve financials

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Reduce variation and remove barriers to clinical upgrades for improved throughput. Reduce total cost of ownership.
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Simplified data collection and analysis for better asset utilization and fleet management. Maximize system availability and utilization.

Use Managed Technology Services to solve challenges like these

While your specific services will be versatile and flexible, tailored to your exact needs and goals, here are some of the challenges, you can expect Managed Technology Services to help manage:

Partnering to equip the smart hospital of the future at MacKenzie Health

Partnering with healthcare organizations helping them in their goals to deliver better outcomes


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