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Redefining the provider-vendor relationship

Redefining the provider-vendor relationship


Healthcare is undergoing a transformational change in which traditional operating and business structures are being redefined, with a laser focus on improving metrics that matter to patients: quality, access, affordability, and outcomes. To create value in the new healthcare economy, traditional transactional business relationships must evolve into a model wherein “provider” and “vendor” embrace an expanded and shared definition of success and apply the full force of their combined talents to achieve it. 


Learn how we can transform care together.

Traditional model

Payment for equipment and services at discounted pricing 

Traditional model

Shared accountability model


Joint focus on partnership goals with shared risk and performance incentives 

Shared accountability model

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At the end of the day we are looking at innovation and innovative changes. That is really the next phase. It may not necessarily be imbedding a new piece of equipment, but how do we really impact healthcare and how can we work together to create some of these transformation changes.”

– Shawn Vincent

Chief Operating Officer (interim) and VP Partnerships, International Healthcare & Strategic Affiliations, Augusta University Health System

Greatest Challenge Model

Inspired to address the greatest challenges in healthcare  


Health leaders today recognize that the methods they’ve used in the past to plan, deploy, fund and manage their technology resources are insufficient to address current challenges. Forward-thinking health systems understand that in order to differentiate themselves and adapt to new value-based models, they need to focus on creating value for patients and teaming up with strategic partners that have a deep understanding of how health systems operate.


As a prime technology partner, deeply grounded in the clinical space, we offer our enterprise partners not just access to technology, clinical expertise, services and capital, but business model innovation, a structured transition framework and first mover rights to technology that position them for success. This allows them to focus on what matters most: delivering better care to the people in their communities.

Focusing on Care

Focusing on care as a continuum


Beyond our deep knowledge and experience creating better ways for clinicians to diagnose, treat and manage patients, we also have strong connections to the health-conscious consumer, with products dedicated to helping them live a healthier life. By combining insights from these areas of expertise, we’re creating integrated solutions to connect health systems and engage people in their own health and wellness.

Connecting care

Connecting care with advanced data and analytics


New technologies are leading to an exponential increase in the volume and types of data available, creating unprecedented possibilities for informing and transforming healthcare delivery. We aim to lead the way with powerful innovations in clinical informatics, patient monitoring and engagement tools, and population health programs. From networked devices and information platforms to wearables and telehealth, we’re using technology, analytics and networks to connect patients, providers and caregivers across the health continuum.


Within hospitals, we’re using data from medical equipment to improve equipment performance, utilization and workflows and drive operational and financial improvement. We’re implementing predictive analytics tools to help monitor and manage patients with more intelligent, targeted, personalized models of care. And we’re creating an open, cloud-based platform of services, capabilities and tools to support the next generation of connected health and wellness innovations.

Committed to innovation

Committed to innovation and co-creation


We believe there is no better way to solve problems than side-by-side with our customers. As a company deeply rooted in “design thinking,” we are committed to a unique, creative approach to innovation that’s core to our business. “Co-creation” is a creative, iterative, multidisciplinary approach to innovation designed to unleash the creative potential of a diverse group of experts and thinkers.


Using co-creation to foster a dialogue among our health system partners and internal thought leaders (technologists, researchers, and clinical experts) challenges us to think differently and discern new possibilities for innovation and change. As with everything in healthcare, the best solutions are the ones we arrive at together.

Sustainable value

A steadfast commitment to sustainable value


Hospitals’ immediate need to transform is being driven by reimbursement changes, demographic trends and competitive pressures. But to survive and thrive in the longer term, they will have to pivot toward mobile, home- and community-based programs that will dramatically bend the cost curve. It’s a long-term process of continuous innovation, requiring deep and broad partnership support. 


The idea behind an enterprise partnership with Philips is to create a consistent, long-term relationship that is embedded in your organization rather than at arm’s length, with only episodic engagements. As an enterprise partner, we work hand-in-hand with your executives and staff on a daily basis to extract the full value of your technology investments today while building a bridge to the new era of patient-centered care. You receive the benefits of Philips’ technology, services and innovation expertise within a predictable structure you can count on, today and in the future.

Building a future

Building the future together as a true partner


Great things happen when experts from different perspectives align around a shared goal. Our partnership model brings us together like never before with an entire community of healthcare experts. Through our unique transformation framework, we’re engaging in continuous innovation with our partner hospitals. We share accountability, performance targets and office space — on a daily, long-term basis. It’s a brave new model for a challenging new era. And it’s based on the powerful realization that, only by working together in this way can we create sustained, life-changing value for patients and communities. 

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