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American Association for Respiratory Care

New Orleans, LA | November 09 - 11, 2019 | Booth #513

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At Philips, we create seamless solutions that connect people, technology and data. Because today health knows no bounds, and neither should healthcare.

In today’s complex healthcare environment, the demands on clinicians have never been greater. To care for an expanding population of older, sicker patients with fewer resources. To make better clinical decisions on the spot and document changes in a patient’s condition at every stage. To enhance outcomes and improve clinical performance.


Visit us at AARC to see how our solutions are designed to break boundaries and empower you to address the pressures to improve outcomes & reduce costs, make appropriate therapy selections, and to manage patients as they transition in care.

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Booth forum talks


Philips CoughAssist in the hospital


Mark Fleshman, BS, RRT-ACCS

Product Application Specialist, Philips

Ventilated patients are susceptible to secretions and excess secretions may contribute to extubation failure. Ineffective airway clearance is a key contributor to the need for reintubation. MI-E provides significant advantages over suctioning and provide more complete secretion clearance. Inclusion of MI-E along with non-invasive ventilation may reduce re-intubation rates with consequent reduction in post-extubation ICU length of stay.

Dedicated to successful NIV – titration


Winnie Sywulak

Sr. Clinical Education Manager, Philips

A new application that offers clinicians guidance on how to minimize their patient’s work of breathing, alleviate their patient’s dyspnea and ultimately improve the patient’s hypercarbia. NIV success is linked with optimized ventilation support and patient comfort.


This application also offers clinicians at the bed a tool to provide guidance when assessing patient comfort with their mask selection, fit and patient/ventilator synchrony. The app prompts key questions in order to identify signs of improvement and a guide to strategies to combat complications that may occur with the use of NIV.

Care orchestrator

Patient management with Philips Care Orchestrator and Philips Trilogy


Julie Yarascavitch

Clinical Respiratory Global Product Manager, Ventilation, Philips Respironics

With Care Orchestrator, you can remotely monitor and manage a broad range of patients across all sleep and respiratory therapies to improve operational efficiency. Care Orchestrator is integrated, connected, and empowered to help you achieve the best health outcomes for patients. Connected Trilogy is monitoring your patient even when you cannot, helping you effectively co-ordinate care for the patients that need you the most.
Meeting in hospital

High flow nasal cannula vs. NIV


Tom Piraino, RRT, FCSRT

Clinical Specialist-Mechanical Ventilation, St. Michael’s Hospital 
Centre of Excellence in Mechanical Ventilation (CoEMV), Toronto, Ontario

To help clinicians identify the most evidence-based therapy for a range of respiratory conditions, Tom Piraino reviewed the clinical literature supporting the use of noninvasive ventilation and high flow oxygen therapy. He also compared his findings to the recently released American Thoracic Society guidelines for noninvasive ventilation.

Treating OSA in the hospital


Bob Campbell, RRT, FAARC

National Ventilation Technical Specialist, Philips Healthcare

Early recognition and diagnosis of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is important to initiating effective treatment that can dramatically improve the patients’ well-being and overall health.  Patients with known OSA commonly present to the hospital for surgery and treatment of other acute disease processes that would require continued CPAP or BiPAP therapy in order to reduce complication risk and severity.  More commonly, a patient with multiple risk factors for OSA will require hospitalization and should be screened to determine next steps or treatments.  These patients, without a formal sleep study or diagnosis, may also benefit from CPAP and BiPAP therapy during their hospital stay.  Recent advances in auto-titrating modes are now readily available in a low-acuity, hospital based device called the V30, which may allow early and effective therapy during the acute hospitalization and also facilitate a smooth transition from hospital to home.  

Some of the products you saw at our booth

COPD insider site image thumbnail

Transition to the future of respiratory care


Philips is unveiling a new platform of innovative Trilogy Evo ventilators. Bridging groundbreaking technology with improved data flow, Trilogy Evo helps benefit a broad spectrum of patients, from newborns to adults.

Zenith award 2018 logo

Optimal care requires optimal technique


While often complementary, respiratory techniques aren’t always interchangeable - and they’re not one size fits all. It’s up to you to make the right respiratory call.

Kevin Fischer named AARC Fellow

AARC Zenith Award

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Booth forum talks


(Note: All booth forum talks will last approximately 30 minutes.)

Tuesday, December 4


DreamWear: Switch Cushions, not Masks

Cheryl Needham, BA, RRT
Sr. Clinical Marketing Manager, Sleep and Respiratory Care, Philips


InnoSpire Go:  Portable mesh nebulizer

Louise Rowe
Sr. Global Product Manager, Respiratory Drug Delivery, Philips


Patient Management with Trilogy and Care Orchestrator

Julie Yarascavitch, RRT
Global Product Manager, Clinical Respiratory, Sleep and Respiratory Care, Philips


BiPAP V30 Auto

Michelle Sullivan
Clinical Specialist, Therapeutic Care, Philips


Xhale Assurance Nasal Alar Sensor

Dan Van Hise
Sr. Product Manager, Monitoring and Analytics, Medical Consumables and Sensors, Philips

Wednesday, December 5


Avoiding Skin Breakdown through Interface Rotation

Dana Hagestad
Clinical Specialist, Therapeutic Care, Philips


Advanced Therapies:  ASV and AVAPS-AE

Jeff Marshall, RRT
Sr. Field Marketing Manager, Sleep and Respiratory Care, Philips


COPD Readmissions: Hospital Perspective

Alan Toplitz
Clinical Specialist, Therapeutic Care, Philips


COPD Readmissions:  Homecare Perspective

Jennifer Altimore
Sr. Field Marketing Manager, Sleep and Respiratory Care, Philips

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