TCT 2017

Simplifying care. Improving lives.

TCT 2017 Highlights

Your goal is to simplify care and achieve better outcomes at a lower cost while improving your patient and staff experience. At Philips, we are committed to providing you with meaningful innovation, deeper clinical expertise, and data analytics for personalized, actionable insights. As the leader in image guided therapy, we empower you to improve treatment through integrated solutions that help you to decide, guide, treat and confirm the right therapy for each patient at the point of care.


Our goal is to help you deliver seamless care for better patient outcomes, because there’s always a way to make life better.

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Our featured technologies:

Image Guided Therapy Devices:



Refinity ST is Philips’ next generation rotational IVUS catheter designed to meet the needs of your most complex PCI cases. The platform provides exceptional deliverability crossing challenging lesions with ease, 5F guide compatibility enabling radial access procedures, and 45 MHz high resolution imaging providing clear crisp images for vessel and lesion assessment.


The SyncVision platform provides easily attainable and actionable diagnostic insights beyond the angiogram. Advanced tools for vessel sizing, lesion assessment including iFR co-registration, and device placement enables precise therapeutic guidance for even your most complex cases.

Volcano SyncVision

iFR Outcomes

Philips’ hyperemia-free iFR provides physicians with an faster and easier method of lesion assessment while delivering a better patient experience. iFR is now backed by the largest physiology studies of all time (DEFINE FLAIR and iFR-SWEDEHEART) with more than 4500 patients of outcome data.

Philips Ultrasound solutions:


EPIQ Evolution 3.0
EPIQ combines our most advanced Live 3D echo solutions with workflow simplicity and quantification enhancements. From a new Live 3D TEE and the smallest multiplane MircoTEE to our highest imaging volumes in 3D echo with premier image quality—the future of care in cardiology is here..

Live 3D Transesophageal Imaging on Affiniti

Now available on the Philips Affiniti ultrasound platform – Philips Live 3D TEE provides increased visibility during guided procedures. Philips xMATRIX Live 3D TEE was launched in 2007, and since has been proven in over a million exams and procedures.

“Truly Live” 3D Echo

From transthoracic to transesophageal echo, bring Live 3D to the forefront of your diagnostic and interventional echo research and clinical practice.

Image guided therapy systems:


Philips Azurion is the next-generation image guided therapy platform that allows you to easily and confidently perform procedures with a unique user experience, helping you optimize your lab performance and provide superior care. Azurion has been developed over a number of years in close collaboration with our clinical partners to ensure workflow solutions that meet the continuing demands of the interventional lab.

Dynamic Coronary Roadmap & IFR Roadmap

Dynamic Coronary Roadmap, a Philips-exclusive technology, creates a motion-compensated, real-time view of coronary arteries. A highlighted coronary angiogram is superimposed on a live 2D fluoroscopic image, creating a colored roadmap that adjusts automatically, providing continuous visual feedback on positioning of wires and catheters.


iFR Roadmap, a Philips exclusive technology and an extension of Dynamic Coronary Roadmap, provides an automated, real-time, co-registration of the iFR physiological measurement with its anatomical location on the Dynamic Coronary Roadmap.  Using the Philips Volcano Verrata/Verrata Plus pressure wires, you can easily integrate iFR measurements into your daily PCI routines.


Fusing live X-ray and live echo. Greater insight and confidence in finding and treating the problem through SmartFusion. EchoNavigator automatically fuses live 3D TEE and live X-ray in real time so you can intuitively guide your device in the 3D space more quickly.

Cardiology Informatics:


Xper Information Management with Xper Flex Cardio: A suite of cath lab data management solutions designed to enhance interventional cardiology workflow

IntelliSpace Cardiovascular: A single cardiovascular workspace to help manage patient care

IntelliSpace Portal: Advanced visualization, delivered directly to your IntelliSpace Cardiovascular workspace

IntelliSpace Enterprise Edition: A premium managed service offering for your clinical informatics suite

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