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Philips patient care solutions

A total solution designed to improve patient care by:


patients with advanced technology devices


clinicians and patients with education


patients with connected solutions

Treating patients with advanced technology devices

Nebulizers designed for adherent drug delivery
   • Delivers fast treatment time, which correlates with better adherence
Home oxygen systems created to deliver freedom and flexibility
   • Oxygen therapy is associated with a reduction in hospitalizations in COPD patients
Ventilators with advanced breath technology
   • Helps prevent elevated blood CO2 levels - a risk factor for hospital admission for COPD patients

Empowering clinicians and patients with education

Supplying empowering insights and information to help the patient and COPD care community

  • Master the knowledge essential to optimal treatment

Giving patients control with the ability to monitor oxygen saturations

  • Promotes proper oxygen titration which is vital to an active lifestyle

Monitoring patients with connected solutions

Telemonitoring reduces hospital readmissions
  • Customized patient management –prioritizes evaluation and clinician follow-up based on specific criteria
  • Active patient engagement/self-management – patients answer personalized health surveys and stay connected with care teams
  • Automatic data transmission – equips care team with the data needed to intervene quickly when needed

A multifaceted COPD program shown to improve care

A retrospective study of a multifaceted intervention with nocturnal ventilation, RT-led respiratory care, medication reconciliation, appropriate oxygen therapy initiation, and patient education led to significant reduction in rehospitalization.

Proven to reduce readmissions and costs

719 fewer hospital admissions in the year following enrollment

   • Saving approximately $15.3 million

    Estimated total healthcare cost savings: $8 million

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Philips One COPD

Making One COPD a part of your post-discharge strategy is simple. Philips can help you partner with DMEs who are fully trained in Philips One COPD respiratory solutions. You will be able to establish a coordinated clinical pathway that helps your patients transition smoothly from hospital to home - and stay there.

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Philips Premier One COPD Providers

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AA Medical

4135 N. Rancho Dr.

Las Vegas, NV 89130



Phone: 702-368-4477





Barnes Healthcare Services

200 Patterson St.

Valdosta, GA 31601 



Phone: 229-245-6001

Toll Free: 800-422-5059 


Breath of Life Medical

1708 Baker Rd.

Sherman, TX 75090



Phone: 903-893-1301


Med Emporium

1300 Crossbeam Dr.

Charlotte, NC 28217



Phone: 704-535-2201

Toll Free: 800-878-2614


Med South, Inc   

406 Medical Center Dr.

Jasper, AL 35501



Phone: 205-221-8200

Toll Free: 800-423-8677



Owens Healthcare

2247 Court St.
Redding, CA 96001



Phone: 530-243-4336

Toll Free: 800-762-5398


Sleep Solutions

1280 E. Big Beaver
Suite B
Troy, MI 48083



Toll Free: 877-753-3764 


  One COPD:

  helping patients live better


The reason I've stayed involved in this business as long as I have is because of all of the testimonials that I get from the patients on how their quality of life drastically improves once we get them onto Trilogy"

-Heather Meehan, BRSC, RRT-NPS

  Director of Complex Respiratory Program

  Midwest Resirpatory and Rehab.

  Omaha NE


Health professionals

COPD insider


Sharing solutions.  Redefining care.

An exclusive Phillips online community with new and innovative solutions from leaders in COPD care.  COPD insider helps heath care providers to improve patient care across the continuum.

COPD insider is redefining COPD care, by sharing expert solutions that empower new possibilities from hospital to home.


From reducing readmissions, to increasing adherence, to creating an effective multidisciplinary team, you will find valuable tips and tools that you can begin implementing immediately. 

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