Acute monitoring as a service

Acute Monitoring as a Service  

Access the latest continuous patient monitoring functionalities, with a fixed-fee, predictable spend.

Fully benefit from acute monitoring capabilities

An AMaaS subscription reduces up-front costs for bedside monitors, and provides applications and upgrades to support continuous patient monitoring, with clinical and technical services from Philips experts.


The fixed-fee monitoring as-a-service can help you:

Clinical management


  • Access: Clinicians gain access to the latest applications, features and data-driven tools.  


  • Implementation management: Philips experts manage the configuration, staff education, go-live and user acceptance.  
  • Ongoing education: Clinical and technical educational support services are available to accelerate adoption and keep clinicians up to date.  

Financial management


  • Predictable spend: A fixed-fee subscription can ease budget planning by locking in a price, freeing up cash and allowing depreciation of assets. 
  • Flatten the spending curve: The service lowers upfront costs on monitoring technology and provides monitoring platform changes and application upgrades for financial predictability.

Operational management


  • Managed device assets: Our tool is designed to increase uptime, assess system health and troubleshoot issues. 
  • System performance optimization: Philips examines workflow, system requirements and risk management strategies around your central monitoring system.
  • Standardization: A modern monitoring system lets you stay compatible and consistent.

Technical management


  • Technology management: Accessing Philips newest technological innovations and software capabilities helps you stay compliant.
  • System support: Data security and IT-compliant upgrades and OS patching can help you limit system disruptions and advance interoperability and system performance.
  • Interoperability: Using the latest Philips monitoring technology allows you to integrate with your EMR and other third-party devices and systems.

Acute Monitoring as a Service model

Replace bedside monitors. Subscribe for primary support services.

AMaaS graphic

Key capabilities

AMaaS delivers continuous patient monitoring applications and services that allow you to efficiently expand and add capabilities with less effort and risk.  The core subscription package provides access to the following capabilities and services:



  • Ability to purchase Philips IntelliVue monitor devices (MX450, MX550, MX750 and MX850) at a reduced cost with your subscription, or use your previously purchased qualified IntelliVue monitor devices 



  • Pre-configured bedside patient monitoring applications, updates, revisions and fixes
  • Patient Information Center iX (PIC iX) central monitoring system surveillance software, updates, revisions and fixes
  • Enhanced security features, such as MS OS patching
  • Device performance management software tools
  • Optional IntelliBridge Enterprise interoperability applications, updates, revisions and fixes



  • Customer success management with ongoing support for the subscription
  • Clinical and technical implementation services for upgrades
  • 24x7 remote support for quick troubleshooting
  • Technical advisory services
  • Online education and optional clinical onsite education service

Our approach

Our process of keeping your technology up-to-date starts by meeting you where you are today. Then, we help you improve at the level and pace that works best for you. Our approach includes:

  • Flexible subscription levels: You can subscribe at the level of IT and technical management and optimization services you need in order to improve your system performance, based on your goals.


  • Customer success management: We keep the partnership on track with subscription delivery management and ongoing customer support.
  • Strategic multi-year planning: Together, we’ll help you prepare for the future by prioritizing and coordinating clinical and technical activities.

As a service solutions


As-a-Service solutions help you efficiently expand your capabilities over time

Philips is moving beyond ‘transactions’ to long-term partnerships based on shared goals, responsibilities and risk with our As-a-Service monitoring solutions, including AMaaS.

Our As-a-Service solutions provide a flexible, predictable path to accessing the latest patient monitoring capabilities, combined with services you need to help drive standardization and improve system performance across care settings.


  • Standardized technology and advanced expertise
  • Shared, dynamic planning and processes
  • Transparent costs
  • Long-term engagement with a trusted partner

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